Rushing the shoulders to rotate

Rather than focus too much on the glove itself, try emulating what Clemens and Ryan and Kevin Brown, etc., do with their elbow and forearm. They kind of “sweep” across and don’t point it. Pointing it implies a static position and would require a description of the timing, which the “point the glove” proponents out there haven’t been willing to address up to this point. The other thing to watch for in the videos is what the throwing side arm is doing simultaneously. Roger speaks of Tom House’s recommendations about “equal and opposite” and could do a much better job with that than I.

Watch the videos and compare. Always remember though that not everyone can or should do exactly what any one pro pitcher does. First understand as much as you can by studying the videos, then experiment and ask more questions here.

No arguement about the sweeping - many pitchers do it. The equal and opposite that House teaches is, I think, very important from a timing aspect. The glove arm needs to be in that position at foot plant. If it gets there and leaves before the front foot plants, then you’ve got timing problems. But I do think it is a transitory position that happens for only a moment.

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