Rushing my windup

I feel as though im rushing myself when i am throwing. I never had this problem before but i have noticed a bit of a drop in velocity in my last few starts and i think thats the reason. A few of my teamates have also noticed me rushing my windup. I dont have a video or this would be easier i know. But any advice on how to slow myself down would be great. Thanks.

Good afternoon, jettstop.
I don’t know whether you’re “rushing your delivery”, as you say, or whether you’re just working fast (like Mark Buehrle), but I don’t think it has anything to do with your drop in velocity. I can suggest two things here: first, when you wind up and deliver the pitch, be sure you’re getting your entire body into the action. When you drive off the lower half of the body, using your legs, your hips and your torso in one continuous motion, you’re generating power behind your pitches, and in turn that takes a lot of pressure off your arm and shoulder so that you’re throwing harder with less effort. Another thing—you might be gripping the ball too tightly, as if you wanted to squeeze the juice out of it, and that alone will slow things down. You should loosen up on it just enough that you can deliver the pitch at the right release point. Try those two things, and don’t be surprised if your velocity picks up again.
You might want to get a catcher to get behind the plate and catch for you while you do this. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

“Rushing your delivery” implies you’re rushing everything which may not be the case. Consider different parts of your delivery and the possibility of rushing just certain part(s). If that’s the case then, instead of slowing everything down, consider speeding up the other parts so that everything sort of matches.

If you’re truly rushing, then slowing down may be appropriate. Otherwise, it would be a shame to slow down and take away that energy unnecessarily.