Rushing my delivery

im a college pitcher who hasn’t had much experience but asked to fill a big role for next season. However when I get on the mound I feel uncomfortable and feel like I am rushing myself. When i rush myself my arm lags behind and i throw all over the place. However, when I stay back and try to slow down I feel like I am losing velocity. What should I do?

You just need to take a deep breath and relax, if you have to make taking a breath part of your routine out there do it. There are many pro’s that you can see taking a deep breath as they come set. It helps clear the mind and calm the nerves

When Allie Reynolds came to the Yankees from the Cleveland Indians he was more of a thrower than a pitcher. He had the speed, all right—often exceeding 100 miles an hour—but he was wild and didn’t have all his stuff together. In 1948 Ed Lopat, who had been traded to the Yankees from the Chicago White Sox, saw what was going on with the Chief, and he worked with him; one day he sat Reynolds down and talked to him about repertoire, about stuff. He worked with Reynolds, slowed him down, taught him to pace himself better and to change speeds on all his pitches. Exit Reynolds the thrower. Enter Reynolds a very, very good pitcher—a power pitcher with finesse—whose fast ball exceeded 100 miles an hour.
It seems that one thing you might need to learn is how to pace yourself better so that you don’t rush your delivery—get a good rhythm going—and most important, CHANGE SPEEDS on your pitches. That will get the batters thinking that your fast ball will come in there at 200 miles an hour and they won’t be so quick to go after your pitches. 8)

Based on the symptoms described, this could also be a mechanical issue. An unstable posture or glove side issues can result in early shoulder rotation which also leave the arm lagging behind. Post some video so we can take a look.