Rushing my delivery?...and opening up too soon

Today I was looking at a video of myself pitching and I noticed that I am opening up too early. My hips open up quite a bit early and my shoulders start to come around just before my stride foot lands. Does anybody have some advice or drills I could do to stay closed?
Also, I was throing with one of our older pitchers today and he suggested that I work on slowing down my delivery. I watched for this one the video and noticed that I bring my leg up to my balance point at the same speed as when I bring it back down and go towards the plate. He suggested that I bring it up slowly and then explode once I get to my balance point. What do you guys think? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

put the video on here so we can see some more stuff.

How do I put it on here?

You can put it on any hosting site. The easiest to use in my opinion is

I like the advice you got about slowing down the leg lift…

Too often, pitchers who open up too much are told to slow down. Unfortunately, that does nothing good for you. Slowing down will only give you more time to kill and you’ll most likely find something to screw up in the extra time you have on your hands. It will also slow down your hip and shoulder rotation and keep you from reaching your maximum velocity. You really need to do one or both of the following:

(1) Get into foot strike quicker. By getting there quicker, you have less time to open up early or too far. You do this by pushing the hips towards your target sooner and faster without sacrificing your knee lift height.

(2) Take your knee back towards second base more. This changes your timing so that instead of over-rotating you end up squared up to the target at release.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll definately start working on that tomorrow. :smiley: