Rushing How do I fix?

My 16 yr old son has had growth plate problems with his shoulder in the past. The past being 2 yrs ago, after seeing his doctor and rehabbing all was fine. Now he seems to have regained the soreness and was told by a local university pitcher he is rushing. When his stride foot plants his arm is not in the loaded phase and putting too much pressure on the shoulder. Can anyone suggest a good timing movement to get the arm where it needs to be. We have heard people say lead more with the elbows at separation or just move the arm faster but not in a full circular down and out/back motion. Someone even suggested a shorter stride which I do not agree with. I don’t have film of him but can see that he is not ready to throw when foot lands. I’ve told my son that we need to practice practice practice his motion and come up with a solution, any help will be greatly appreciated.

All that I can imagine is we really need to look at his motion before trying to adjust or suggest fixes to something we can’t see.

So if your son is “rushing” and presumably causing the arm to be late, shouldn’t you fix the rushing? It’s hard to dictate arm timing because as soon as some other part of the delivery is changed, overall timing changes and the arm must find a new timing to match - to fit into the timing of the overall delivery.

Now, I don’t necessarily know what was meant by “rushing” but the arm being late usually isn’t the problem - it’s usually something else happening too soon. Seeing some video would really be good here.

Thanks, I will get some video and post for you to see

When Allie Reynolds came over to the Yankees from the Cleveland Indians he was more of a thrower, with a fast ball that exceeded 100 miles an hour, but he was also wild and didn’t have all his stuff together. And one of his problems was that he was rushing his delivery. When Ed Lopat joined the team he noticed this and got to work on the Chief, and he got Reynolds to slow down and pace himself better, not to mention change speeds on his pitches. Your kid’s problem may be one of timing and/or pacing, and so you should work on that. Working quickly is one thing; rushing is something else. 8)

Does he have an excessively short stride?