ok at our college are coaches live and die by running us pitchers into the ground. whether its right after a start or the day before a start we’re running every single day and they dont let up. i was wonderin how important people feel running is and if your a coach how many times a week do you have your players run in season? I dont like complaining but running takes a tole on your legs and if they say you should only workout a body part once a week how can running everyday be that much of a benefit for your legs?

Are you guys doing long distance running or sprints?

distance running like we’ll usually run for about 30 mins a night and theyll get on our case if we arent going balls out for every second. then we’ll run 10 sprints afterwords to finish up.

Pitchers should be running sprints. Long distance running is not going to help pitchers. During the season you should be doing two fullbody workouts a week. Too many coaches are hung up on training marathon runners instead of powerful pitchers.

Mike, how much do you think distance running would hurt velocity, if sprinting was neglected?

I can’t really give you a mph difference but many studies have shown that a lot of aerobic training decreases a person’s power. I know that there have been guys who ran long distance and could still throw upper 90’s so I won’t say that it can’t be done. I will say that I think there is a better way to train and that training for power will help improve velocity.

i think distance running is good for pitchers to build endurance as long as the sprinting is not neglected. I finish every sprinting workout with a 5-8 mile jog.

we do sprinting and agility workouts with all of our pitchers. The only time we run our pitchers distance is after they throw in a game. And this is just from my experience that running directly after the game helps to reduce some muscle soreness that may occur.

we do alot of distant running in our school which helps with your stamina but we always finish up with sprints. Helps with going into the later innings but like everybody else says in this post you need your sprints it helps with the velocity. But with out the long distance and all you did was sprints and you throw 95 what good is throwing 90+ if you can only go an inning or two. So you have to do your long distance but finish up with sprints.

Thats interesting…I’ve been following my lifting and sprints with my distance running so it could serve as kind of a flush run as well. Maybe I should be doing it in a different order, or does it matter? What do you guys think?

Hmm, what you could do is Sprint at about 90-95%, jog for a minute, then repeat. Generally, if you decide on doing something similar to this on your lifting day, and I’m basing this off of the fact that you may be doing squats/lunges/etc later; do this about 8 hours before you lift. Then hit the gym pm.