now i know pitchers run a lot, im in bad shape… like, cant sprint around the bases without collapsing and needing an oxygen tank

so are there any running routines i could start using to get in better shape?

mix it up. one day run a bunch of 90ft sprints. then the next day run a few miles.

Start with interval style - run a sprint then allow for full recovery (let your heart rate and breathing return to normal) and then go again. As this becomes easier, start cutting down on the rest period. Also work with variable distances, from 20 yards all the way to 400 meters.

When you are in really good shape, you should be able to mix your interval sprinting in with various strength exercises. For example, run 400 meters then drop and do 30 pushups followed by 20 medicine ball slams. Then wait 30 seconds and do it all over again (keep going for multiple sets).