Someone posted up a typical week at some D1 school (higher level would be great also) - Anyone remember?

I am mainly interested in the amount of running.

Thanks -

There’s a lot of long distance running, typically. And it’s very stupid.

You would!

Right now I go jog for 20 minutes (about) at the fastest pace I can currently maintain (about as fast as someone who wears wrist-weights). That happens three times a week.

What do you say?

Look into interval running/sprinting instead.

I really hate the relationship between looks, health, and performance.

If it was about bodybuilding, Gabe Kapler would have been more than a good bench player.

Haha, Brad Fullmer.

My understanding is that once a fundamental level of cardio fitness and basic leg strength are established jogging trains your body to move slowly. Moving slowly over long distances would seem to be the opposite of what pitching requires. I would think doing sprint sequences would have a lot more benefit. Doing a good dynamic warm up should be incorporated and I like mixing in some lateral movements as well (after all pitchers are starting their movement sideways to their target). Heidens & Reactive Heidens are good. If you get comfortable and good with the sprinting rather than stretching it out beyond 60-80 yards I would add resistance. But, thats just my thoughts.

What about running M/W/F, then sprints or stairs or similar T/T/S?

I have very strong legs, but I am not fit. If you get my drift.

[quote=“kylejamers”]What about running M/W/F, then sprints or stairs or similar T/T/S?

I have very strong legs, but I am not fit. If you get my drift.[/quote]

Why are you so attached to distance running? You can burn just as many calories in a shorter period of time while actually training to be fast twitch a number of other ways. Sprinting, metabolic strength circuits, etc. are much better alternatives.


I am not attached to distance running at all. Just chatting a bit.

Long distance running will decrease your explosiveness, and as a result, decrease your pitching velocity. Focus on sprints, uphill sprints, agility’s, and interval training.

I’m at a JUCO and we have two different schedules for running.

Fall: Day 1(after bullpen) 2 miles
Day 2:(Bands, Light toss if at all) 4 miles
Day 3(Bands, Light Toss) 10-15 Busters(will explain)
Day 4(Shortbox/Flat ground) 10-60’s
Day 5 Bullpen

Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- 2 miles
Wednesday(Game or Bullpen)- 2 miles
Thursday- 4 Miles
Friday- 10-15 60’s or 10 Busters

Busters- Start in OF Corner(on warning track), Jog to CF, Walk to Opposite corner, Sprint directly across OF, 35 crunches, 40 penguins, 40 bicycles, 40 russian twists, 20 jack knives. Ab’s are done 1 exercise per buster.

I don’t agree with any of the running really, but as a player I don’t really have any say in what we do

Sounds like college ball. :roll:


As others have stated, long distance running is completely useless for any athlete of a sport that requires repeated explosive maneuvers (i.e. pitching). It recruits the wrong type of muscle fibers and reduces explosiveness. Focus on sprint work, plyometrics, and explosive core exercises.