Ok guys well high school baseball season just ended for me and it was my last high school season. That bring sad, I am headed off to play d1 baseball. For the past 4 or 5 days I have been running mile everyday. I hope yo increase this distance as I get more used to running distance. I’m trying to getin shape before college because I know where I’m going the pitchers condition a lot. Is this the right way to go about getting in running shape? Any recomendations qould be greatly appreciated!!!

Well im heading off to college next year as well D3 sadly i could of easily gone D2 maybe D1 but im in the same boat as you trying to get some running under my belt over summer. I have a good knowledge of excerise science since that will be my major. I’ll list some things i’ll be doing to get myself ready for next year.

Jump Rope 5-10 mins daily before running/lifting
Running/Jogging start off 1-2 miles per day then increase from there
Speed ladder drills

Then when i lift the basic leg movements
Squats etc

I did this last summer and gained some velocity in my pitches and endurance. Hopefully it works for you too!

I will be going for my major in exercise science as well then continue with physical therapy school…I’m starting off with 1 mile a day

Running more then a mile every day will break down your fast twitch muscles and you will lose velocity. Pitchers should be running no more than a mile once a week.

3 days of sprints and a flush run is all that is needed.

UndersizedRHP…I’m not sire I beleive it decreases velocity because there was a report that right after Ubaldo Jimenez threw his no no against the braves, the next morning ran 6 miles…and he is consistently around 98!!! And guess who endorses long distance running after pitching? Every pitcher and pitcihing coach in the MLB!!! So your wrong

I think you could have gone about this response a little better and maybe more maturely then saying “your wrong” which is also a little funny because you didn’t use the proper your, it’s actually “you’re” …But besides that I would agree I don’t think it would break down your fast twitch muscles enough to make any noticeable difference.

When USC came to town to play ASU a few weeks ago, I got to chat with USC’s pitching coach Tom House. He told me that the USC pitchers run (jog, I’m sure) for 45 minutes the day after they pitch. Of course, he also told me they’ve got the best conditioned pitchers so this is part of an intensive training/conditioning regimen.

I’m not wrong. And I didn’t say never to run long distance. I actually said to run long distance the day after you pitch. So I don’t understand your point.

My sophomore season of college baseball during the summer I ran 3 miles a day for 2 months before coming back to college. My fastball went from a consistent 88-89 to 83-85.

Running long distance regularly breaks down fast twitch muscles.

Just had a test on this today in college. Your body consists of 3 types of muscle fibers. Type 1 which are your slow twitch, type 2A which are fast twitch and type 2B which are the fastest twitchers lol. What I was taught was that no type of training can change type 1 into type 2. You can however change type 2A to 2B and vice versa. So running long distances might convert some of your precious 2B fibers into 2A, but they wont convert to type 1. Hope that makes sense.

[quote]My sophomore season of college baseball during the summer I ran 3 miles a day for 2 months before coming back to college. My fastball went from a consistent 88-89 to 83-85.

Running long distance regularly breaks down fast twitch muscles.[/quote]

Is that “all” you did? Because as I’m sure you are guessing that, may itself have been the problem. I don’t doubt you lost 5 Under but I’m not certain it would be entirely runnings fault.
If you condition, condition right, endurance is a key factor but you ain’t training to be a marathoner, Husky…get in shape means the whole taco, if you aren’t throwing you should be, Under is a seasoned college pitcher who does know from whence he speaks. UNF for example, looks at conditioning as your (Not you’re :wink:) problem, you had better be in or you won’t be on. So cover the bases so to speak, throw and work out on good pitching centric excercises, do sprints (Work in some shuttle run stuff too), don’t condition to run marathons…but do reasonable amounts of distance work, it should only be a small part of it all.
I look at it this way, your work out should be diverse enough to lose any single part of it and still be sound enough to get there, you should embrace it like it’s your best friend and it should be a part of your day everyday…not that you do the same things day after day.

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