Running speed

I’m in pretty good shape, 5’7’’ 145 lb, but I am not all that fast. Does anyone have anyways to get faster? Thanks.

several things you can do. get with a track coach and work on form, do agilities and lower plyos, get in weight room and squat, dead lift, etc. get on a good speed/quickness program with cone work, short sprints, ladder drills etc. theres lot of good programs out there. you can look at ours on our website, coach griffin has programs available on his website - noexcusesbaseball, theres videos and programs you can get from college strength and conditioning programs. you can get quicker and faster - i know our kids do.

IMHO It depends on why your slow. But a good coach will figure that out for you and help you straighten it out.

If you are a do-it-yourself type there are many web sites that can show what fast should look like. Google search will get you to them.

We had 2 kids that were well below average on the basepaths. In both cases the issue was stride length. They took very short steps. So we measured their strides, folded mainila envelopes into 6"x12" markers at their respective stride lengths, layed them out down a 25 yard running path and let them run over them. Gradually we increased the distance between each marker an inch or two until the distance was more proportionate to their height and the kids ended up with respectable speed. This only took a couple of weeks

Another quick fix is to find a hill and run down it. Not too steep , you don’t want to train your body to try and stop itself. But you can get your body used to speed and it will want to re-find that speed when you run.

Hope that’s helpful

that is what i always recommend, tho i’ve ran down relatively steep hills myself

theres no quick fixes. you can become faster/quicker but its going to take hard work.

Running up a slight incline will help stride length. It kinda sounds backwards but the issue with stride length is getting your back leg completely extended and you can’t do that as well running downhill.

The most important part of speed for baseball is the start. Strenthening your legs is crucial for the start. Squats, lunges, plyo’s all help with this. Every single rep of your plyo’s need to be 100% intensity or else you are wasting your time.

While it might not help your 40 or 60 time, mentally preparing for each pitch will help your “baseball quickness.” If you are expecting the ball and getting yourself positioned well you will be ahead of the game when it comes to getting to a ball and making a play. Know what pitch the pitcher is throwing, watch the hitters and his tendencies, and physically get yourself in the correct position to explosively start.

thanks everyone for the responds, hopefully your tips will help me get faster.