Running Speed.

Im 14 and im a LHP and outfielder.
So im kind of fast but i want to work on my speed to become much faster. B/C I feel I should be much faster than I am.
Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Here is a benchmark for you to strive for:

Go 90 feet in about 4.0 - 4.5 seconds. Why? Because prospect quality time from home plate after contact with the ball by the bat, then uncoil, run down the baseline to first base - 90 feet, in about 4.0 to 4.5 seconds, is what you should be shooting at.

If your playing youth ball - 10 and under, don’t be too concerned.

High school quality prospects and definitely college prospects should aim for this time.

Coach B.

You can also shoot for a 60 yard in below 7 seconds, that’s what most colleges look for in players. A great way to improve your speed and strength is running hill sprints this will make a lot faster, or I know it has me.

thanks guys. Ill work on it. By the way i play on a 16u AAU team. And i am going to try out for my highschool team.

Good luck