Running long distance to loose weight

i am trying to lose fat and gain as much muscle as possible before next high school season which starts in febuary i lift everyother day and consume lots of protein. to help me drop weight i am taking hydroxycut hardcore to help aid in fat loss and it is working, i hav also decided to go on two 30-45 minute runs everyday ome in the morning and one in the late afternoon, i hav droped my agility drills till winter, could anyone give there opinions on this please.

running long distance is the way to go to lose weight, but id do sprints instead because your already lifting weights and taking hydroxy cut. Running will only weaken you, and your already doing 2 other things to burn the fat, so do increase your speed instead of getting weaker.

Why are you taking hydroxycut? :? I think most people tend to overlook their diets (which are the reason they arent losing weight) and instead try to look for a magic pill that will help them. If hydroxycut does anything aside from causing physical problems, the results will be negligible. I think you may have some misconception as to what weight loss really means. If you run twice a day, every day, your body will slowly begin to break itself down. You simply cannot take on that much work without eating a ton of calories. If you do this, you might lose weight but you will also lose tons of muscle mass. It would be much better if you did things the right, healthy way.

So start by posting your height, weight, age, and a sample of a normal day’s diet.

I am 16 years old, 5’10 168lbs

breakfest-bowl of oatmeal and 8oz glass of oj-500cal
midmourning-protein bar-200cal
lunch- chicken samwitch,apple, nutragrain bar-700cal
mid-afternoon-protein bar-200cal
dinner-rice,steak,broccli,and mashed potatos-800cal
before bed snack-banana-200cal
i hav 19% bodyfat trying to get to around 12%

Alright good.

Looking at your diet, I think that sugar intake is probably one of the factors hurting you right now. OJ has a lot of it, and so do most protein bars. A glass of OJ has around 21 grams. A normal protein bar has around 10 grams of sugar and 10% of your daily sodium. Neither one of those is terribly bad for you, but they arent what I would call “optimal” foods for weight loss.

Looking at the rest of your diet: the oatmeal is a very good choice. I give props to anyone that can get past the taste. Chicken sandwich is good, provided that it isnt breaded or fried. Grilled chicken without the skin is the way to go. Apple is good, but the nutrigrain bar could probably be dropped. Try packing some almonds instead (tastier and better for you). The steak and brocolli at dinner are very good, but the rice and mashed potatoes are problems. The later it gets in the day, the less effectively your body processes carbs. The more you limit evening carb intake, the more efficiently your body will run.

I would try to get more protein and good fats (nuts, fish, peanut butter, etc) later in the day. In that same vein, the banana is probably not a good choice to end the day. Fruit= carbs and you dont want to go to sleep on carbs. It will just end up getting turned into fat and stored by the body. Good late night snacks would be cottage cheese, or if you are like me and repulsed by cottage cheese, a slow releasing protein powder made from casein.

There is a bit more to say on this one, so I separated it…

As far as long distance running goes, I think some people have the wrong idea on my feelings. I do not discourage people from running. It is probably one of the most efficient exercises that you can do in order to increase overall fitness and lose weight. Here is the part I always try and tell people: Running will not help you to throw a baseball faster! So, I hope that clears some bad feelings up between me and the runners.

Okay, back to sidearmer. You said that you are 168 and 19%bf. That would translate to 136 pounds of LBM (lean body mass). I think it would be a better idea for you to try and raise your LBM, rather than focus on cutting weight. Most people view these goals as exclusive, but you can do both at once. If you eat a lot of protein, combined with cardio and lifting, you will be able to add muscle mass, and in turn lower your bodyfat.

Just for comparison, if you only focused on losing weight, and your LBM stayed the same (which is pretty hard to do, but we’ll assume that anyway), then you would need to get to around 154 pounds to be at 12% BF. But, if you added 5 pounds of muscle, and cut 10 pounds of fat, you would be at 13% BF right there. Plus you would probably be a hell of a lot stronger. This was just an example to illustrate what I meant when talking about losing fat versus gaining muscle.

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure you dont lower your calories to far. It can mess with your growth spurts. Also, I would recommend dropping the hydroxycut completely. At the very least, you should talk with your doctor and see what he or she thinks about it. It now uses herbal and manmade substances that mimic the effects of ephedra. It is not a safe thing to be using. Ephedra-related story

Be safe no matter what you do.

thanx for all the valuble info, i really want to put on muscle more than just loose weight i also realize that running long distance will not make u throw harder im just trying to became a better overall athlete but thanx again i am now going to change my routine a little lots more sprints and lots more protein