Running hills

our baseball team runs a mix of endurence and power. what we do is run up a steep hill thats about 30-35 foot high then run backward on top of the hill for about 100 foot then walk down the hill then sprint across and start all over and do that 25-35 times. just wondering if that does anything or if it is just a waste of time

Running uphill and running backward are good for building leg strength. You state that you walk downhill, which seems strange, as running downhill would be good for increasing speed.

Not sure about the running sideways across the hill; I’d guess that it is good for building the supporting muscles around the knees, thus helping to prevent injury.

In any case none of what you’ve described is a “waste of time”.

Usually running up a slight hill helps speed because it improves your stride length. If the hill is too steep you won’t get as much speed development. I won’t say that what you are doing is worthless as some type of conditioning but in my opinion I would rather do conditioning that is more geared towards speed development. Its hard for me to say this since I can’t actually see the hill you are running on but I’m just trying to picutre what you are saying.