Running during the off season

I’m a senior in High School and play basketball as well as baseball. I have been conditioning with the basketball/ baseball teams all summer running, lifting, and throwing. We have ran at least 2 miles a day. But now we are in the gym running sprints we run at least 30 full court sprints every morning. I was wondering if I should still do long distance running along with the sprints, or just the sprints, or is running in general not really doing anything for my pitching game?

It’s tough to train for baseball in the off-season when playing another sport, such as basketball or hockey or indoor soccer, because the demands of the game are different. I hope the sprints you’re doing are varied. In other words, I hope the “work” and “rest” ratios are staggered between short, medium, and long – otherwise, you’re not really getting any benefit out of your sprint work.

Can you work one nice, easy jog day into your week? You don’t really need more than that if you’re doing other types of shorter, anaerobic conditioning. Since you’re running/sprinting so much on hardwood gym floors (I’m presuming here), try to do your one longer jog each week on trails or grass. I’m concerned about your knees taking a beating.

Let us know how it goes.

Yeah we do all sorts of different sprints at different lengths to. For example one we do is 1-eight down and backs, 2-six down and backs, 4-four down and backs, and 6-two down and backs all for just one day of workouts. We also do have different lengths of breaks in between. What is the difference between sprints and longer distance when it comes to pitching?

Run, Forrest, Run!! :smiley:

Get a nice jog in whenever you can, Ellis was right about the grass vs hard surface distinction. I’ve never played basketball, but I’m pretty sure sprinting on wood can’t be good for you.

Jogging helps. 8)