Running after pitching

should you run after pitching every time after pitching or just for sore arms or not at all, and does distance depend on innings pitched?

You’re going to get a lot of different responses … but in pro ball, pitchers ran the next day. Immediately after pitching, they’d ice if needed, take a protein shake, and then take a shower.

The following day, they’d do a long “flush” run of about 3 miles, do some light toss for about 5-10 minutes to loosen up the arm, and follow that with some lightweight tubing or shoulder conditioning exercises.

Like Steven said, lot of different responses. I run right after 1 pole for every 10 pitches, gets the blood flowing and recovery starting right away. Then ice after if I have any discomfort (if there is any injury). Then usually run again next day unless I’m going to pitch again.

Personally, my legs are pretty shot after pitching. However, my arm tightens up if I go immediately from throwing to driving home, so I usually run 2 poles. The first pole I jog, then second pole I usually do some sort of intervals. I prefer harder running to jogging, as it stimulates greater blood flow and you will drive your arms harder, getting a greater range of motion. However, as I said before, my legs are already pretty fatigued, so the volume is pretty low.

I usually get a light jog in the next day, just a few poles or so. Just something to get the blood flowing to speed the recovery process.

Eric Cressey has a post on his site for post-throwing stretches to do. I’ve been doing them after throwing this year, and my arm has been feeling great from them. I don’t have the link on hand, but it should be realtively easy to find.