Runner Disruptions

Been pretty bizzy trying to get my new scoring program working, and in doing that I’ve been scoring lots of games, or at least portions of games, testing various things to make sure they’re doing exactly what I want them to do, one of which is “disruptions”.

A couple years back I began tracking runners’ disruptions. A disruptive thing they could do was draw a throw, get picked, attempt a steal, or actually steal a base. I really love the metric, but also wanted to add just a little something more to it. Since I’m looking at disruptions, I wanted to additionally track the instances where the runner caused the pitcher not to just throw, but also to actually disrupt his primary job of throwing a pitch to the batter.

For example, how many times in a HS game is there a runner on 2nd and the pitcher “wheels” but never throws, or how about the dreaded “buzzby”? Also, how many times has a runner caused a pitcher to “step off”? Well, to me those are disruptions as well, and I believe a runner should be given credit for them. After all, he’s caused the pitcher to change his game plan, and that’s usually a good thing for the offense. Anyhoo, I wanted to add the capability to track it while I was building this new program. I added the throws by simply clicking on the runner, and have added the “fakes” by right clicking on the runner.

But that’s not the reason I’m making this post. :wink: The reason for that is, I’m noticing something I’ve never took a lot of notice of before. ML teams don’t appear to make nearly as many throws or “fakes” as HS teams make. I’ve done about 25 games this past month, and have been amazed at just how few times ML pitchers take some kind of overt action because of a runner. Yeah, they’ll look over a lot, but really its seldom been a lot more than that.

That’s gotten me to think that perhaps it’s a reason lower level pitchers seem to have so much trouble when they’re in the stretch. Rather than concentrating on what they’re supposed to be doin’, making a good pitch to the batter, they’re thinking about something else. Not that they shouldn’t be thinking about the runners, but there should be some kind of proportion of thought.

Anyhoo, that’s just something I was thinking about, and wondered if anyone else had thoughts about it.

in my opinion the reason is really simple, catchers.
in the mlb if that player isnt ridiculously fast or doesnt have a huge lead that runners getting thrown out. In high school ball, well we know thats not the case.
We throw over and step off more often to compensate for the lack of base stealers being thrown out by our catchers

I agree with the catcher situation. Also as a side note. I wouldn’t mind helping you try out the software. I’ve been looking for a stat program that isn’t $10. It sounds really cool!

I’ll keep you in mind, but I’m really not lookin’ to go into bizness. Right now I’m trying to scratch an itch I’ve had for a long time. :wink:

Have you tried gamechanger? The folks I’ve talked to seem to really like it, and what great is, its FREE! Its kinda cool too that they’re a partner with MaxPreps, so the stats can go directly into MaxPreps.

I will check it out! Thanks! If you ever need any help with ur program you know where to find me! Good luck!

I hit a new milestone this afternoon. When I do the live game testing, I always have a notepad and a pencil at hand, so I can note those pesky bugaboos. If you have never written a computer program, its like most other things in life. At the beginning, there are always lots and lots of problems. In the case of something like this, they take the form of typos, erroneous logic, using incorrect timing, etc., and each one has to be sought out and corrected.

In the beginning, I couldn’t get through 2 batters without the thing farting in my face, but as more and more bugs got swatted, I got to go a little further. The milestone today was that I made it all the way into the top of the 7th with absolutely no problems, at least that I could see, with the only notes about things I’d like to add or visual things that don’t really add anything other than make things a bit easier to navigate around.

Now it may sound pretty weak that its taken me over a month to be able to score 7 innings, but I assure you, it was quite a good feeling. :wink: The reason I wanted to let you know where its at along the line, is so you know its really quite a ways from being ready for anyone to be turned loose with it. But I’m gainin’ on it! :slight_smile: