Rules of Thumb

I’m a really new pitcher, but I guess I have decent mechanics. However, any help at all is really appreciated, and I was wondering if there were a few loose rules of thumb to remember when dealing with mechanics?

Hey Tony19
The biggest challenge my young pitchers have is making sure they lead toward home with their left hip (if right handed pitcher not leaning with their shoulders), breaking their hands when their knee comes down and making sure their arm is in the loaded position when their stride foot lands, then its all torque from your hips and shoulders

Interesting thread where I was expecting to find more comments. It may be a little late to help Tony, but I think we could breathe some life into this topic if we tried.

Rules of Thumb, eh?

-get momentum forward as early as possible
-break the hands with intensity as low and late as you can
-keep your upper half balanced over your lower half and on the target line through the stride
-the pitching hand should come up at ‘front leg brace’, not before or at foot strike
-rear leg drive timed with pitching hand coming up and beginning of hip rotation
-shoulder rotation should follow hip rotation and not be synced
-stride length should be 90-100% of body height to keep torso over the landing knee through shoulder external rotation and trunk flexion
-both elbows should be ahead of the torso at release to gain the benefit of a stable glove side

I think one rule of thumb that is forgotten is when your in a game don’t think about mechanics. That’s what bullpen sessions are for. You have to trust your mechanics.

One of the most important—perhaps THE most important—thing is “Trust your stuff.” When doing a bullpen session the day before you’re going to pitch, throw all your pitches to see how they’re working, and if you find one that isn’t behaving itself—that isn’t doing what you want it to do—put it on the shelf for that game, and go to the stuff you know is working. You can address the problem a day or two after the game; the important thing is not to waste time and energy trying to get that recalcitrant pitch to fall in line.
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