Rudolph at the Plate

It was three to nothing in the bottom of the ninth,
a hopeless score for sure, during this cold and dreary night.
For Santa sent in his best for this game tonight to play,
his best roster ever, after loading his shinny sleigh.
But no matter what they did,
hit, run, catch and field - heck, even if they slid.
They just couldn’t score, not even just once,
they stole the bases, they slugged the ball and they even had to bunt.
Now as luck would have it, they loaded the bases and by golly what a sight,
when Santa’s bench coach came over and pointed to his right.
There in the corner of the dugout, a reindeer sat, all by himself.
As Santa look over, scratching his bearded chin,
“what the heck” he said, I think I’ll send him in.
The reindeer was Rudolph, with that bright and shinny nose,
with a homer on his mind, and the pitcher nearly froze.
Each time he’d swing, he’d miss, and miss again,
that shinny nose was blinding him, and his chances were getting slim.
On the very last pitch he swung with all his might,
and sent that pitch up and long, way into the night.
Everyone rounded the bases and Rudolph crossed home with a smile,
when some yelled out a challenge to Rudolph - “hold on there just a while.“
It seemed that Rudolph missed touching first, second and even third,
and none of the reindeer could believe it, a silence came over the heard.
The plate ump yelled … “yerr out!” then Santa boarded his sleigh,
the ump felt sorry for Santa, but Santa said…” we’ll play another day.“
Then Santa look back at the ump with a paper he did hold,
“So these are the gifts you want?” he asked,” good thing I brought plenty of coal”.
As for Rudolph, well, he’s doing fine and happy if you please,
he’s now selling peanuts for the Perky Penguins in the South Pole League.