Rude and Abrasive


I received an e-mail recently (last night) that my responses to questions and situations, especially to parents, have been rather rude and abrasive.

I apologize to anyone that I have responded to with advice or observations. I can only say that I am not from the amateur game, nor have I had any, I repeat, any success with youth leagues, high school, Legion or travel/elite baseball. So, my remarks, all of them, can be rather blunt and to the point. It’s just the environment that I have been accustomed to - which is no excuse on my part to give.

Also, I admit after going back over my recently postings over the last couple of months, a better choice of words, phrases and/or remarks could have been worded with a bit more sincerity - concerned with the how the reader might interpret my responses. Especially to dads.

For this I sincerely apologize to anyone that I might have offended, without deliberately meaning to do so.


Coach B., don’t even think about it. If some people take offense at what you have to say, it’s their shortcoming, not yours. I for one have always spoken from the major-league standpoint, because that was how I learned and how I played the game, and I can tell you that most of the people who have read my remarks and advice are well aware of this—if what they want is Mother Goose they can turn to that. I am to the point in my answers to inquiries, and if I feel that I’m not qualified to address the requirements of nine-or-ten-year-olds I won’t say anything. So don’t worry about it. You’re doing just fine.


Coach B. Nothing you have done qualifies for rude or abrasive in my opinion. I appreciate your wisdom and your honesty.


Coach, I have been reading your posts for years and don’t ever recall any that were “rude or abrasive”. This instance could be a mere ad hominem attack, that is, someone didn’t like the content of what was said, so they attacked the person who said it. :smile:


Rude? Abrasive?
Coach B you are coming from a place of genuine concern for players and trying to help. Unfortunately we live in an age when honestly is dispised. Nothing is more telling of this than when someone asks for advice and gets offended when told they have things to work on.
Keep doin what you do.


Coach, we love you. You are an invaluable resource to the baseball community we have here and I couldn’t be more grateful you are one of our leading members.


You continue to have my support as well because you have been nothing but supportive yourself.


Coach B, your honesty, wisdom and experience are greatly appreciated. Thanks for being willing to share it with us.


Honestly can’t recall reading any of your responses that I would consider rude or abrasive. Maybe it’s just me … but I wouldn’t change any thing!


I always appreciate the “no BS” tone of your posts, and I think it gives your words more weight on this forum. It was always the coaches that didn’t sugar coat feedback that I learned most from. Keep up the good work.


Thank you Coach. I am surprised as you have been nothing but helpful.


Keep doing what you’re doing Coach B you’ve got my support.