Rubik's Cube

I can now solve a standard 3x3x3 rubik’s cube in about a minute and a half, idk if any of you are cubers but I am looking for a way to lube da cube without having to pop out any pieces. Any tips would be great.

I can get one but im slower than you.

to lube one without removing the cubes use WD-40 with the red straw thingy on it

I just used vaseline. Works great, cut 30 seconds off my time along with my new way of doing f2l.

Got the Rubik’s Magic last night, easy.

Pust -

We’re gonna have to add Rubik’s Cube to the list of reasons the :ninja: comes out of hiding.

i like pie too! blue is a color!

I just learned to do one too. I cant get it down to about 3-4 minutes.

Yeah you have to move from step to step pretty quickly. Then you need to lube it with vaseline, also you should learn the finger tricks. It’ll make ur time faster. Oh and learn F2L that helps a lot too.

I broke my rubik’s magic, I was doing the twist move for my speedsolve and the filament came out :frowning: I was at the point where I could solve the magic in about 5 seconds too, I wanted to atleast get under 3 before I broke it :frowning: