Rubber baseballs

Ok i was watching this show where a 5 yr old is in love with pitching.His father only allows him to throw with rubber balls ( not the cheap soft crap , the rubber ball is basically solid and hard) saying that a 5 yr old’s arm cant handle throwing a hardball yet. Is that true and is throwing a rubber ball as compared to a hard ball better for a youngsters arm?

There is absolutely no difference in terms of whether the cover of the ball is hard or soft in terms of injury prevention (except in the case of come-backers).

The only thing that matters is the weight.

A rubber ball could be worse for the arm if it weighs significantly more than 5 oz.

Are these rubber balls 5 oz T-Balls?

i’ve seen em in real life and i think theyre slightly smaller… not sure about the weight , i didnt have a hardball to compare it to at the time.

i have them only cuz there cheaper then the real ones

there not rubber rubber

like the sfot tee ball ones

there standerd size and weight just there diffrent

i cant tell the diffrence looking or sometimes i can tell when i hit them the bat shows less pop then a regular ball

healther i cant see how