Roy Holliday pitching in HS

This video is from 1994. He has a weird skip at the end of his delivery. Thank god he fixed that.

EDIT: Of course i forgot to put the clip. Huge fail, here it is :slight_smile:

Where’s the clip?

That’d be very interesting to see. Especially of any has a clip of him before he was demoted and after he was called up to see the significant changes that were made in his delivery

Thanks for noticing that haha. It’s up now!

Awesome thanks for the clip

great clip. He seems to be very straight up at leg lift, doesnt lead with his hips that well, has a little hitch, yanks his head down at release, and that hop thing at the end.

Great clip!

Part of me thinks that it might have to do with the mound and him not being used to it because theres a stretch of 10 or so pitches that he doesn’t do it and he’s not doing it consistently enough to be a part of his mechanics and that field looks pretty wet to boot.


Yeah, that field is trashed. He does look quite a lot smoother now (obviously).

I love those mechanics. And the “skip” thing is rotational force driving him sideways/backwards. He didn’t “fix” it. He got a better mound. “Fixing” it would mean he’d be throwing 70 MPH.

The CF looks tiny

How old was in that clip?

Based on the fact that he was born in May of '77 - I would assume he is 17.

Thanks for the info

He looks pretty good for his age in that clip, its too bad there wasn’t a 3B angle camera view