Routine in magazine

Monday-Strength w/ focus on legs
Warmup-10 minute on a treadmill
4 sets of 10 reps unless noted
1.Legg press
4.Lat pull-downs 3x10
5.Push ups 3x15
6.Triceps dip 3x10
7.Curls 3x10
Medicine Ball exercises-3 sets, 10 reps with 6 lb ball
1.Side to side throw 2.Wood Chopper throw
Cardio-5 minutes comfortable level, 10 minutes (alternate 30 seconds hard w/ 30 seconds easy), 5 minute cool down
Stretch-5 minutes
Tuesday-Speed day
Warmup-jump rope, 5x50
1.Side steps-3x30 yards
2.Carioca-3x30 yards
3.High knee run-4x10 yards
4.Butt kicks-4x10 yards
5.Sprints-8x60 yards
Core Work-Crunces 2x20 each type
1.legs straght up 2.regular 3.diagonal 4.reverse
Wednesday-Strength w/ focus on upper body
Warmup-5 minutes on bike
1.Incline bench 3x10
2.Crossover push-ups 3x10
3.Dumbell bench on an exercise ball 3x10
4.Seated Rows 3x10
5.Reverse pull-downs 3x10
6.Assisted pull-ups 3x10
7.Alternate dumbbell benches 3x10
8.Triceps extensions 3x10
9.Cable Curl 3x10
Thursday-Agility day
Warmup-3x30 yards work your way up from 60% of your max speed to 80%.
1.Snake Run
2.Plant and Cut
4.5-10-5,run forward 5 yards, back 10, forward 5.
Medicine ball power throws
1.Squat and throw
2.Forward through legs
3.Overhead backward throw
Rowing machine,250 meters, 6 times, with 1 minute rest between rep. try to complete 250 meters in 1 minute.
Friday-Focus on Shoulders
Warmup-10 minutes on treadmill
Weights 3x10 for each
1.Split squats
2.Dumbbell deadlifts
4.Lateral raises
5.Aleternate dumbbell curls
6.Overhead triceps extensions
Core work-same as Tuesday
Stretch-5 minutes
Saturday-1 hour cardio of your choice

I found this workout in a Sporting News magazine. Any opinions?

What month is this issue?