Rotator cuff

I know that It’s vitally important to the health of a pitcher.
So what ways, other than the bands, can you work out your rotator cuff?

Jobes. Look it up. They can be done with anything really. I use dumbbells. That and do scapular work. I have a book called 52 week baseball training and I enthusiatically recommend it.

If you are not already on a jobes program. Then jump on it. It will do wonders for you. Kinda feel like a new man after a couple of weeks. :lol:

the rotator cuff is important but so is the scapula, if not more. work some scapula and upper back excercises into those to.

I understand how rotator cuff exercises are useful, and I do them myself, but how do you “work” your scapula? It’s just a bone… I can get working the shoulder and upper back around it, but I don’t get the “scapular exercises” thing.

the scapular is the shoulder blade and is important because it holds your shoulder joint into place. just look up scapular stabilizations exercises. its all related with the rotator cuff so you can do all the exercises together. i cant really explain the importance of a strong scapular but it is.