Rotator Cuff

Hey guys. i pitched recently and im feeling some strain in my rotator cuff… what are some excercises that will make the pain go away… or that i can do to make it stronger so when i pitch I won’t feel the strain as much

What equipment do you have?

Some tubing would be easy for you to use to help out your situation.

How bad does this hurt maby you should see a doctor? If it’s a little pain maby you just need a break.

Like I can get tubing if i need to but i do stuff at the gym … like on the cables w/ exercises… and at home/ the gym i do ilke later/bilater raises… and just stretch it in general but idk if its cuz i had tendonitis

Sounds like an overuse injury. Give it time to rest and heal.

small dumbells work great. i had an inflamed rotator cuff when i was 13 and spent the whole summer doing exercises with 3 lb dumbells. at 18, i still only use 5 lbs. for my rotator cuff work. basically you do several variations of what i guess would be considered front raises. i’m sure you can find the techniques online.

but yeah. go out and buy some small weights. i’ve been using them every day since i did rehab that summer and have never had a problem since. meanwhile i’d definitely suggest taking a few weeks off from throwing altogether.