Rotator Cuff weight?

I am currently doing the rotator cuff exercises with dumbells and realised is there a maximum weight i’m supposed to go to or does it not matter?

It’s always a good idea to keep exercises like that with light weight, so 5 lbs or so. Some do 10lb, I avoid doing those kinds of weight and just keep it light though.

3-5 lbs. Even guys like Kyle Farnsworth, as big as they are, used 5 lb weights!

Take a moment to view this part of the body and you’ll notice a very, very fragile part of the human anatomy. This part of the body is the most flexible joint of the human body. Every single muscle, tendon, bone, and joint are designed for flexibility of movement - not stress. In fact, a closer look at the shoulder will surprise you - there’s nothing holding your arms on to the frame of the body, but tendons/muscles, and a very small package at that.

The shoulder blade has a socket to it that the upper portion of the arm fits into - but, that socket does not hold the arm in place all by itself. Without going overboard in terminology and other stuff, the muscle group that composes this joint is made up of some very small muscles - very small. Again, their main job is flexibility of movement - not load bearing.

So, to compliment your pitching motion, you must strengthen a very sensitive part of your anatomy - a very small package, yet allow this package to move in concert with the total cycle of other muscle groups - legs and core. Think of it this way, your body is made up of platforms that allow other platforms to rest upon and take their “que or next move” from. Your legs act as a platform for your pelvic and lower abdominal muscles, and that platform acts as support for the abdominal and oblique muscles to act as a platform for the shoulders, the shoulders act as platform for the arms to do their thing - all within a neatly choreographed cycle called a PITCH.

Coach B.

thank you for the prompt reply that helps alot

Ahhh, it’s beautiful.

Not identical, but in graph form: