Rotator Cuff Tendonitis and Dilemmas

LTP folks,

First off let me say I thoroughly enjoy reading this forum and have for the past few months. Becoming much more serious about baseball, I have found this to be an invaluable resource of knowledge. On to the good stuff (or not so good).

As a junior in high school, I had a very successful season as the ace of the staff, however was over-pitched in a couple games (100+ pitches) much to my current dismay. This led to the development of what was diagnosed as rotator cuff tendonitis. I received an X-Ray however no MRI, and was diagnosed by a very competent and sports injury oriented physical therapist who I have worked with in the past.

Developing the injury very late in the high school season, I refrained from throwing for over a month, did physical therapy for about 4 weeks and then started a throwing program. I am still doing physical therapy however the intensity of that is being ramped down as my throwing is ramped up.

With the throwing program, my therapist and I decided on a bit of an accelerated pace. This is because 1) the injury was fairly minor and I was by no means extremely weakened or shut down by it, and 2) I am trying to make it back before a couple key appearances I am scheduled to have such as the Area Code Game tryouts, a very significant event in which many colleges and pro teams attend.

As the summer after my junior year, I recognize this season is nearly essential for college recruitment. After expressed interest from various D1 college programs and others during the previous summer and fall, I am taking this time very seriously and carefully.

I continue the throwing program and am much better than I was however still experience some pain every so often. It is not very severe and I find that after warming up, it gets a bit better, if not completely better, most of the time.

My dilemma: I have already missed a couple tournaments/showcases with my summer team, one of which colleges were in attendance which I was interested in. I am feeling better, but I am as much afraid to rush back into things and risk not being 100% (velocity and location wise) or even re-injury as I am to miss out on crucial recruiting opportunities.

Thus, I ask you for advice and information regarding anything in this entire post, however mainly my dilemma regarding returning from this injury. If anyone has any thoughts or questions feel free to speak them.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the lengthy post.


Just to make sure, I would suggest that you get an MRI, and then if the doctor clears you to pitch, go ahead—but don’t rush into it. Play catch, and use that time to work on a particular pitch or two; do some modified long-toss (like the distance from home to second or first to third), and build up your arm strength. Anything involving the rotator cuff is nothing to sneeze at. 8)