Rotator Cuff Tear?

So, I threw 2 innings on this past Saturday. My first innings in almost 6 months. My arm felt great, I felt some stiffness after, nothing unusual for me though as I’ve had shoulder problems. Went on to the field and took it easy on sunday, played 2 innings in the field in right field, with just slight stiffness in my shoulder area. I threw a ball in from right and heard a popping noise, as soon as the popping occurred, all pain in my shoulder area was gone. I felt no pain, no stiffness. I had all the velocity on the ball as I did before. I thought to myself, this is weird…
Fast forward to today, I threw a bit with friends, nothing too crazy, arm felt fine, velocity is there, I moved it out to 200 feet, and was having trouble reaching my catcher, with slight stiffness and pain in my shoulder. I was a bit nervous, because I normally throw the ball 200 feet with ease, and no pain, and can stretch it out to 300 feet if need be. I brought it back down to 100 feet, no pain, no stiffness. 75 feet, no pain no stiffness and so on.

I am now experiencing little to no pain in my shoulder, but a slight popping or crunching noise when my shoulder moves across my body. As if I was stretching it. I have looked up rotator cuff injuries, and tears, and this falls in that category. Obviously, I am feeling no pain, no loss of velocity, so I’m a little cautious. Is this a rotator cuff tear? I know you guys aren’t doctors, but someone can give me some help. I am going to take the next two weeks off before the season starts. I have some college offers, and this is not what I wanted to hear two weeks before the season.

Help? :shock:

I’m definitely not the smartest guy out there, but that’s kind of how my arm was when I tore my labrum. One day there was a pop, my shoulder would click when I threw the ball or stretched my arm, but there was no pain. Velocity kept going down, i went from mid 80s to 70 in less than a year. I’m not saying that it is a labrum issue, but it could be another possibility.

Don’t look for a solution on a website were no one knows you or has physically checked your shoulder out.

Get to a sports doc or orthopaedic surgeon and get it looked at the longer you wait the more of a threat it is to your college offers.

Get it looked at by a doctor.