Rotator cuff strength

I’ve been doing my daily Rotator Cuff exercises with the 5lb dumbbells/bands. The exercises are all pretty simple and solid now (external rotation needs work) and feel strong and it’s getting simple, so I was wondering If I should start increasing the weight, or just stay at a solid 5 lbs? Skys the limit so let me know!

The cuff exercises should stay light. My understanding is that if the weights get too heavy other larger muscles will take over the work load. The reason for the light weights is the cuff muscles are small.
Tuff Cuff has some good exercises for the cuff.

that’s what I figured just heard some people have moved up to 6-10 even though it’s probably not the smartest. Thanks for the reply

Stay 3-5 pounds. When you start adding more than that, you start recruiting the larger muscles to lift/move the weight, which turns it into a shoulder/scap exercise as opposed to a rotator cuff strengthening exercise.

You can also do jump rope and weighted jump rope, which is great for the rotator cuff, as well as basketball dribbles as fast as possible against the wall with the arm shoulder height facing the wall.

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awesome thanks Steven

That sounds like it would work very well.

I 100% agree with Steve on this. Stay 3 to 5 pounds of resistance for dumbell moves. Also bands are great.

Aside from bands or dumbbells, manual resistance exercises (where a coach, teammate, or training partner provides the resistance) are another great way to increase strength, stability and neuromuscular coordination in the muscles of the shoulder.

One benefit of these exercises is that they emphasize eccentric muscle action which is required during the deceleration phase of the pitching arm following ball release. Another benefit is that the amount of resistance can be altered as necessary to suit the individual. A final benefit is that the one providing resistance can ensure the desired muscles are actually doing the work.

Oh, and you don’t need any equipment! :wink:

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