Rotator cuff impingement

i went to the doctor and therapy today and this is what they said i have. has anyone had this and knew whats the recovery time or anything else about it?


You really should be asking your doctor those questions. Recovery time would be dependent on the severity which won’t be the same for everyone who’s had that.

My son had this last year as a 14 yo and went for a month without throwing, and 6 weeks without pitching. He was rehabbing it diligently with tubing and other exercises designed to strengthen the back and decelerator muscles. He went on to throw a no-hitter in the state playoffs and was hitting 80 on the Jugs.

Moral of the story: rehab diligently and take your time getting back on the mound. Taking it too fast can cause long term problems.

Work with your doc and physical therapist, and good luck!


thanks hoseman