Rotator cuff and shoulder injury, how to recover?

My shoulder blade and rotator cuff has been making clicking noises whenever i throw a baseball. It feels like there is some sort of grinding going on internally between my shoulder or rotator cuff and something else which should definately not be happening. I can throw 15 to 20 hard pitches, then the clicking starts in my arm. Lately, ive purchased TUFF CUFF (book by Steven Ellis) and have been doing the rotator cuff excercises from in there. Before the clicking and grinding started, I was the head pitcher and threw many innings over the last season, but i did not have a very strong rotator cuff because i had not started to do exercises for it yet. Now i see what can happen with a weak rotator cuff and high pitch counts with little rest. I’ve also gotton physical therapy treatment which helped a little, but the same problems are still occuring. Are there any exercises/things i can do to heal this? And anyone else that is reading this, take it from me, stregnthen your rotator cuff as much as you can, it will be just as important in the long run as any other part of your body that you strengthen.

Get a chiropractor to give you a complete posture screen. Next best thing, find a strength & conditioning specialist to give you a functional movement screen (FMS).

The issue may be more global… in fact, I can 99% guarantee the problem is somewhere else in your kinetic chain.

Think of pain (whether it be your rotator, knee, etc.) like a water leak stain on your ceiling. Sure, you can paint over it and make it go away temporarily, but the “real” problem is on the roof where the leak is at.

Rotator problems can be prevented from cuff work, but not at the neglect of the rest of your body. Make sure to train for mobility, core strength, balance, etc.

There was an awesome demonstration done by Mike Clark, National Academy of Sports Medicine, on Dick Mills complete pitching program. He showed us how tightness in the calf muscle, could actually alter your arm slot and “wear-out” your rotator cuff.

Hope it gets better!


Where do you live? Maybe I can recommend a doctor who focuses on structural correction near to where you are - Zach is absolutely correct regarding his comments about needed to look at the entire body, not just an individual part. Docs who truly understand bio-mechanics can correct rotator cuff problems pretty easily.

Make sure you are getting rest along with your exercises. You should never be throwing when you are in pain, and should be taking off more time in between throwing events. If you know your arm is going to do that, why throw? Just rest it that day and take it slow. You cant heal if you keep just trying to push through it.

I have not throw in over 2 weeks now and I’m still having the same problems, and I live in SE Wisconsin structuredoc, any help/reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.