Rotation off back leg

Just wondering the rotation off the back leg if it’s supposed to be forced to create an even faster rotation, or is this supposed to be a natural movement.

The rotation should be 100% natural. It should be the outcome of all the energy and force you generated before you released the ball.

If you are forcing the leg rotation, then you may not be generating alot of force toward home plate.

If your back toe is dragging and making somewhat of a straight line toward home before it lifts off the ground, then you are in good shape and generating energy force toward home. But your line is probably squiggly or even at a 45 degree angle. Long straight line toward home is the goal.

In summary, you should generate enough force that your are almost falling toward home plate. See Tim Lincecum for example.

See his toe drag and his leg rotation…it is 100% caused by the energy he created before that.

Good luck!

danny haren’s back leg rotating definently doesnt look natural, it looks like he forces

You can always find a player that does this or doesn’t do that. That’s not a reason to abandon this or that. Generating momentum as Gary described will not only generate more energy to put into the ball but it also often improves one’s timing which maximizes velocity while protecting the arm.

Based on the clip of Haren on, he appears to keep his weight back and fails to build enough momentum to pull the back leg off the rubber so he probably does push off more. He also opens up the shoulders early and falls off to the side.

Yeah, you can’t force it, just like you can’t force a long stride, or else your’e just reaching and its useless. You need to get the momentum and everything for it to be natural, and something that just happens.

i dont think now that harden is actually forcing the rotation of his back leg, i look at it now and it seems that the pitchers who seem like there forcing the rotation of the back leg arent really. There just waiting to the very end of their strive before they push of the rubber with their toes

I notice this as well. Some get on their toes before the front foot plants. And some are on the inside of their back foot and turn over the foot at the last possible moment before front foot plant.

You can do it either way.