Rosin bags & subsitutes

Rosin is a powder-like material that absorbs moisture. Some pitchers use rosin to improve the grip on the ball when their hand has excessive sweat and moisture. Commercially, rosin comes in a small bag, like in our picture above. The bag has small holes in it that allows the rosin to dust out as the pitcher juggles the bag back-and-forth in the palm of the pitching hand. Unfortunately, the bag and its contents are short lived, usually after one game, so replacing the bag can be somewhat expensive. An alternative to store bought rosin bags is shown on the right in our picture. I’ve found that a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch works just as well – and I can customize the mix. In addition, instead of putting the griping powder in a small plastic bag, I use an old sock. The combination of the two work perfect – for me anyway. A word of caution here – never let rosin or any other absorbent material get on the back of your pitching hand. The tendency of wiping sweat from your face using the back of your hand will get this stuff in your eyes.

In addition, remember to show the head umpire any rosin bag or rosin sock that you’ll be taking to the mound BEFORE YOU ENTER THE GAME. And always place these items at the back of the pitcher’s mound.

Coach B.