Rosenblatt's last year?!?!?!?!

how do you guys feel about Rosenblatt Stadium (College World Series Site for like 60 years) getting the boot? I personally dont like it

What’s the plan? Will the CWS stay in Omaha, but just move to a new stadium?

Yes it is staying in Omaha, they are just moving to a new facility. A nicer stadium, yet it wont have as much history.

I heard the new stadium is almost right across the street

did you ever play there Steven?

I never played there. We never made it out of Missouri Valley Conference play, thanks to Wichita State and the occasional wild card team advancing every year. Oh well.

As far as new stadiums go … it’s happening all around baseball. Yankees just did it. The only remaining stadiums anymore are Fenway and Wrigley!

have you been watching this year’s CWS?

South Carolina vs UCLA

This summer I was sitting at Carolina Stadium watching the Gamecocks crush Tennessee and thinking that this team had a real chance.

Now with that in mind, how about this for a fact…

Baseball America’s 2010 College All-America Teams include only two players from both South Carolina and UCLA…and both come from UCLA…none are on the first team. Trevor Bauer of UCLA is on the second team and Gerrit Cole of UCLA is on the third team. What that should tell you is that this sport is a team sport. When you sit around your local area and you read the local area selections to the all this and that teams, remember…this is a team sport…if you aren’t on the list…you just go out and prove them wrong.

It’s a team sport when it comes to losing, too. Especially in ASU’s case. Every ASU starter was either PAC-10 1st Team or PAC-10 Honorable Mention and one of them was PAC-10 Player of the Year. :shock: