Rory Young knuckleball analysis



What’s your knuckleball speed? At the big league level, knuckleballers are encouraged to keep it 62-65mph. More than anything else, in the Cubs organization knuckleball pitch speed was the key focus more than mechanics or anything else.


I can take the spin off the ball anywhere between 62 and 78, I have always been able to throw it and I did mix it in during my last couple games in college and the results were actually really good. I just never saw the need for it as I always had a good heavy fastball and offspeed pitches, but now in my first year away from college ball I have seen my armstrength dwindle and if a knuckleball could give me a shot I am more than willing to embrace the pitch.


I can get a video with a radar reading if your interested



With a pitch like that, I would prefer to see it in action against a batter - and not necessarily in a game situation either. I’d like to see the pitch worked in the zone, how and in what manner it reaches the batter, and the complexion it has with or without movement.

To me, a pitch like that has to have a certain “take” to it. Velocity or the lag thereof, is good, but how it (pitch) acts as it comes in is a look-see, is to me, worth the trouble of setting up. I’d also like to see how you posture yourself throughout your delivery. I know the pitching surface may be an issue, so try and manicure your mound the best you can. I would hesitate to suggest pitching off a flat. A knuckleball has a dramatic style to it, like night and day, when pitched off a flat rather than a mound.

I’d also like to see that pitch from two different view points - one from the back view of the pitcher, slightly off center, then the second view from behind the catcher slightly off center.


I will set that up as best I can tomorrow, my camera skills aren’t the greatest, but I can throw knuckle balls all day so I’ll get something put together.