Rope training

what do you guys think of rope traing for pitchers? anyone tried it?

never tried it but seems like it could be a good work out. I could see these being done twice a week or so when you do your plyos.

My son has been doing these since June. He loves them.
Started doing them after being introduced to them at the Wolforth pitchers bootcamp.

did wolforth’s routines help his velocity? if so, by how many miles per hour?

He just turned 15. Before and at the camp in June, he hit 69 MPH. At his tryouts for High School tryouts in August, he hit 80 MPH. We have him hitting 82 MPH several times last week when he was just letting it rip. Unfortunately, when he let’s it rip at 82, he has very little control.

Just wanted to say that his increase in velocity was a product of many things including ropes, speed chains, medicine balls, weighted balls and pullup/horizonal rows. I addition, he really worked on scapular loading and hip drive.

I haven’t heard this being a part of any pitchers routine before, so I’m not completely sure this would be helpful.

I worry this might be too stressful on the arm during an in-season workout, but might be OK when during the off-season when you have more time to recover between workouts.