Roommates in Professional Baseball

Considering professional baseball for a living? You might want to consider the different dimensions that a roommate(s) can have on you when choosing a professional baseball career. Professional baseball is not like college ball. For example:

  • Roommates can have a different ethnic, moral, economic, language, and even a different biological clock than you. With respect to that last one, biological clock, some roommates on the road are night people – up till 2 or 3am people, watching TV in the room, listening to music, talking on the room phone, etc.
  • Roommates can actually talk in their sleep, grind their teeth, and even walk in their sleep. I actually had a pitcher who did this, walking in his sleep. While getting something that I forgot on our bus at 4am, don’t I see one of my pitchers walking the parking lot, eyes wide open… but nobody home. After gently nudging him left and right, back into his room, he ends up in the bathtub, curls up and goes out like a light.
  • Roommates can have visitors at night and into the wee hours of the morning. I’m not going into detail here, but they’re not the visitors that you’d bring home and introduce to your mom.
  • If you wake up and find that your wallet is missing, retrace your steps first before accusing someone. Sometimes, mistakes happen – not often, but they happen.
  • Roommates can have all kinds of social problems that you don’t. Some will find comfort in the bottle, medication, and social vices. One that constantly worries coaches is gambling. If your roommate starts to owe money to other players, or worse, his problems will become your problem in a hurry.
  • Roommates can run the full spectrum with personal hygiene. Don’t be surprised to find your roommate(s) at a meeting with an associate coach under the heading of… “hello, meet Mr. Soap…”
  • Roommates come in all personalities – some are very reserved and don’t make a peep, others won’t shut-up, some are on a constant complaint kick, while others are very moody, and some even go to the extent of falling in love at every bus stop.
  • Little things that’ll drive you nuts are guys that constantly eat in the room – chips, grinders/subs, pizzas, pop, and peanuts. By the end of the night your room reeks of pizza. Add to this some roommates have no idea what a trash basket is for – pizza boxes, chip bags, and pop bottles/cans are a constant “step over” especially at 2am when you’re heading for the bathroom.
  • And last but not least is the roommate(s) that gets a call that he’s been given his walking-papers. These guys can be dangerous to be around, sometimes, with fits of anger and looking for someone to take out their frustrations on.

I could tell you stories! For instance, there was an old-time player named Ossie Schreckengost (later shortened to Schreck) who had a roommate who persisted in eating crackers in bed, and since in those days roommates had to share a bed Mr. S. had to get a signed prohibition against that practice. And on the other hand—the Yankees had a pair of pitchers, Allie Reynolds and Eddie Lopat, who roomed together for seven years and who got along famously and taught each other volumes about pitching and getting batters out. Yes, it takes all kinds. :slight_smile: