Ron Wolforth's Ultimate Pitchers Bootcamp - 2012

Ron Wolforth’s Ultimate Pitchers Bootcamp will be happening again in 2012, though there’s no website/webpage up yet. You can get some info on their Facebook page.

Early bird pricing lasts until September 15th, so if you’re interested, contact Samantha ASAP - You can get the full line-up of coaches speaking from her as well if you want it.

I’m posting this because I’m excited to be going to this for the first time - and being a featured speaker, to boot! Here’s the best confirmation I can give for you guys:

My talk will primarily focus on the use of high-speed video and some new technology that we’re developing, using WiiMotes to track the kinematics of the arm (pitch/roll/yaw) to improve durability and performance of pitchers.

Would love to see you there, and I’ll be in Houston/Montgomery for a few days surrounding the conference (meetings with other people), so if you want to meet up, let me know!

Congrats Kyle!

Not only is Kyle going to be there but also our own Fred Corrals is going to be a speaker. Unfortunately, I am on call that weekend. If I had seen the speakers list, I would have made arrangements to get there.

What an honor…I hope you can get vid of your talk…what are the dates?

Awesome! Can’t wait to meet up with him and hear his talk.

December 7th-9th, I speak on the 8th and might work with athletes on the 9th, depends on availability, time, flights, etc.

Really looking forward to attending.

I’ve heard great things about the camp. Congrats

Thank you. Dave Wainhouse, one of the pitching coaches at my new facility, will be there to see the conference as well (he is good friends with Knutson).

Can’t wait!