roger clemens

i knoew that at some point this year i would have to do this thread. clemens is right now 4-5 and the season’s coming to an end let’s say he either looses one or 2 more starts or he doesn’t get enough decisions, we could be watching clemens’ first loosing season ever. i mean ever, even when he first came out as a rookie even when he wasn’t healthy even when he wasn’t at his best clemens never had a loosing season and i kind of felt like coming in the middle of the year like he did would put him in that position. i would like to know if any other great pitcher never had a loosing season. that is actually something pretty amazing right?

let’s hope he get’s at least a 6-5

Well with the Yankees offense now he can let up 3 or 4 runs and still win a game. Today Giambi hit a 2 run homer and he’s a nice addition back to the Yankees.