Roger Clemens Indicted by Feds

Just in case nobody heard about this…looks like mr. flamethrower wasn’t a natural after all. He’s also a liar.|htmlws-main-w|dl2|link3|

This is a guy that should be in the hall of fame, no matter what he did, what Bonds did or what McGuire or Sosa did they deserve to be there. What about guys that got into the hall of fame that did steroids? This didn’t just start out of the blue, guys were doing it for many many years before. How about A. Rod, do you stop him? This is part of baseball history and these guys were baseball and what everyone talked about for so long that they deserve to there. Also, I think they should also allow Pete Rose in, this guy is such a positive still today for baseball, admitted his mistakes, took his lumps now let him have his day!

You can put them in the Hall of Fame but you can’t say they would be that same player without steroids. It helps in so many ways not just strength but healing. Guys can play longer and heal faster. Pitcher Jim Parque even said with steroids he can hit 93-94, without he can only hit 75 tops. Just look at Bonds rookie body compared to his middle-late career body…no steroids??? you would have to be blind to not figure that or lack common sense.

I just can’t respect a players career when they used steroids or any PED. It’s not pure cause if that is the case then all people need to do is work hard while taking roids.

I’m not saying that all of those things aren’t true, I feel the hall of fame is remember the past and sometimes not to repeat the past. These were the guys that were at the top of baseball for so many years and their names are synonimous with baseball so I just feel they should be there and there are guys who are already there that used but just weren’t caught so it is just punishing the ones who had profiles big enough to be caught or caught up in it.

no way should they. theres no reason for this. cant wait till the era is over.

the players who dont take steroids. the honest ones. are now thoght to take steroids. maybe pujols is on them. who knows,. it aint fair

There was a time they were just part of the club house.

Sylvester Carmouche was a jockey at Delta Downs racetrack in 1990 who took his ride across the center of the racetrack, while under a heavy fog, and won his race. He was later discovered. Then there was Danny Almonte, a pitcher in a Little League world series match that found him a lot older than the 12 year old age group that he was suppose to be competing in. He was actually 14 years old, which explained the velocity of his pitching against much younger and smaller youngsters. And let’s not forget the great Ben Johnson who was once tagged as the fastest man alive, but, who later tested for anabolic steroids, which explained his peak performance against men that brought only themselves to the track that day. And let’s not forget the ladies here. Rosie Ruiz had a short life of fame after winning a Boston Marathon in record time. She was later discovered after simply jumping out of a crowd, then running across the finish line.

These players that have claimed their fame by rubbing the shinny lamp of the Fraud Jenie, deserve to be with their ban of thieves.

There are few endeavors in human existence that are more prized, more cherished, held closer to the heart, then those Rightfully Earned on the field of athletic competition. In fact, the Greeks had such solemn respect for these events in human interaction that they even surrounded those competitors in myths and legends. And so have we to this day.

The baseball field is a level surface on which two teams meet and compete. There are strict protocols and accepted practices that are out in the open for all to see, from the cheapest bleacher seat, to the million dollar owner’s box. We all watch with acceptance, with no pre-dispensed understanding of exceptions. We would never deliberately hold our youngest and most impressionable children to the notion that cheating is a good thing to have, before the game begins. The field itself - being level, in plain view for everyone to see, lends itself to the contest that pits man against man - evenly, without exception, without quarter, without knowing in advance who will do what. It’s a contest between mind and muscle, nothing more, nothing less.


With every footstep that enters the Baseball Hall of Fame, those letters should be inscribed in the keystone overhead. Let those words be the judge of what’s accepted in our game, noting more, nothing less.
For those of us who have watched young men grow older before their time, who have strained at the thought of watching the hopes and ambitions of those not cut-out for a professional career, and for those whose families must come to grips with an income source not from baseball because of those that didn’t play by the rules - I say those that cheated deserve every bit of anguish, pain, disgrace, embarrassment, and distrust in any and all ventures in life.

Coach B

haha Danny Almonte I remember him from the LLWS, he was mowin down everybody and was a superstar on ESPN.

Nice post Coach B, I can respect and admire untainted talent.

I look at a player like Greg Maddux who played in the meat of the Roid Era and compare him to Roger Clemens…In my opinion Greg is better than Clemens because Greg used his brain, not a needle.