Rogan's Pitching Summary

Name : Rogan
City : Toronto, Canada
Year : Freshman in HS
Starting Height : 5’9
Starting Weight : 123 lbs.
Throws and Bats : Right
Other Positions : SS
Arsenal of Pitches : Four-Seam Fastball, Two-Seam Fastball, Change-up, Circle Change-up, Curveball
Velocity : From 55 MPH - 70 MPH

Pros : -> performs well under pressure
-> strikes out a lot of batters
-> low ERA
-> relatively low pitch count (40-50 pitches/4 innings)
Cons : -> gives out too much effort at times, forcing some pain
-> walks 3-4 batters within 4 innings
-> can get edgy/frustrated (i.e. umpires that don’t call balls/strikes well/consistently)
-> majority of the time, find myself with arm pain after 4-5 innings of work

“Scouting Report” : Great Command, Controls Pace Well, Can Get Too Wild At Times

Long Term Goals : To Pitch Myself To A Baseball Scholarship Or Get Signed !
Short Term Goals : Pitch With More Velocity, Pitch With More Break On My Curveball and Change-up, Correct Any Tweaks With My Mechanics and Wind-Up To Maximize Full Potential (accuracy + velocity)


Name: Jared
City:Cincinnati, OH
Bats and Throws: Left

Arsenal: 5 fastballs: 4 seam, 2 seam, cutter, splitter, sinker
3 curveballs: curveball, 12 to 6 curveball, slurve
3 changeups: straight changeup, circle change, forkball

Pros: Good command of most of the pitches, good pitching stamina, creates a lot of guess for hitters with such a wide arsenal, excellent breaking balls (the curveballs, and including the cutter, splitter, and forkball)

Cons: Lacking a little accuracy in the 4 seamer, and movement in the sinker is not quite enough to be very effective.