Rocket Arm Trainer

I recently bought a Rocket Arm which is indorsed by Roger Clemens for my 11 years old son. Just wondering if this will really strengthen his arm and should he use it daily in the off season like they suggest. Not really sure because of his age.

I’ve seen one of them but don’t know much about it. I wouldn’t worry about his age that much. He should be fine to start strength training. It might help his velocity but there are many other things that would be more beneficial. He should be doing strength training for his entire body. If not then your son will still be limited by his weakest point.

i’m not aware of the exact specs of the rocket arm but unless its like a stretching type exercise i don’t understand why they would recommend using it daily…

Regardless of a person’s age if they are doing any type of weighted exercise they don’t need to do it daily…I’d say do it every other day and search around the forums for some other theraband exercises he can also do…at his age just spend about 20-30 minutes on various exercises, mixing it up everytime