Rock Band

What are your guys thoughts? I picked this game up about 2 months ago, and I currently play expert on the drums.

I think it’s slicker than owls poop…really genious…keep your proof of purchase, he is on his 3 set of drum sticks, 2 petals and 2nd set of drums since Christmas. I humiliate myself singing…but so does my wife and daughter-in-law :shock: :smiley: women should never actually try to sing Molly Hatchett :crazy: OR The Ramones :shock: it may cause hemorrage in nearby pets , curdle milk or permanent speaker pucker. :dizzy:

haha, Molly Hatchet is brutal to sing. But it’s even worse on expert for guitar. It’s one of the hardest songs. Just try playing Won’t Get Fooled Again on expert drums, now THATS a challenge, I can only get to the 75% mark before failing.

Andy, my son, has whipped it…he was workin on it for a while. They are trying to do the Dragon Force song on expert with the guitar. :shock:

Hah, although that song is in GH3, it is an amazingly difficult song on expert. The last time I played it, I played in pro-face off mode where you can’t fail and still only hit 48% of the notes 8)

Still waiting on that video…

You are mean AND evil down deep Spencer…I currently have an excuse. My mini’s are all full of pitching. If you want to come by, we’ll cook you some dinner (Mrs Belinda might even get talked into making one of her award winning “Lemon Blueberry cakes”…which’ll make your tongue reach out and slap your face) and let you dump all that stuff so we can “bless” the world with my “Daltry mic swing” and dulcet tones on “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”, Enter Sandman" and “Green Grass and High Tides Forever”…If you are determined to make THAT many people sick :smiley: oh most nefarious and evil of Texicans. Just jump on I-10 til it stops…give me a call…don’t go left…Roger hasn’t my vocal range :shock:

If you lived in California I’d stop by but I’m not quite old enough to go to Florida yet. Give me 40 years.

ooohhh thats cold!
8) :freezing: :mrgreen:

We want Gomers like you to think that :farmerjohn:
You never know what you miss and all we can do is snicker :ms: :dance:
Oh yah sonny you go out there. :smiley: :rofl2:

If we could only get all the New Yorkers and Canadians to think that… :wink:

Someone must have found the fabled fountain of youth.

They think…oughta make it a 10-20 yr sentence for bloated lily white whales with black socks, sandles, shorts over the spare tire, really bad Hawaian shirts…it’s “hide the kids” time…thank you north east…almost all of our restraunts have No Smoking or Scarey Yankees "signs posted