Roast my mechanics pls

Hi I’m Terry Baltus from Belgium, I’m playing baseball since 2015 and its my third year trying to pitch.
Belgium is not a huge baseball country so I’m kind of my own coach since the beggining but now I find myself stuck in front of a wall i can’t seems to find what I can do in achieving my goal to be the best I can.
Please I’ll take any advice in any form :slight_smile:

I actually think it looks pretty clean, for someone that hasn’t been playing baseball that long. It actually looks very clean. No need to pick it apart. Hit the gym and get stronger with the Olympic lifts is about all I would say at this point. What is your velo? What is your size? Have you ever thrown from a mound?

Thanks it means a lot, I’m 1m83 (6feet) I have no idea of my velo we don’t have a radar gun but I would like to know :grinning: and yes I throw from a mound usually
I’ll hit the gym this off season thanks again and feel free to comment if you see anything else :innocent: