Road to the Top

Hey I’ve started this post to post on my progression in my fall ball to Off-Season workout. Right now I’m going to grade myself on strength and a couple other area’s.

GRADES: 1 bad 5 average 10 VERY GOOD

Overall Strength 5

Rotational Strength 4

Lower Body Strength 5

Upper body Strength 4

I need to get strongger and more explosive by next year and my goal is to throw harder around high 70’s and top out at 80. Right now I think I’m around low 70’s but I could be higher.


I have a game on sunday and might be pitching. So my workout on Friday has gone according.


Tubing For Rotator Cuff {ABOUT 7 exercises 2 sets of 12 reps}
Tricep Kick Backs 2 set’s of 12 reps
Bicep Curls 2 set’s of 12 reps
Push-ups 2sets 10,8 reps

Tomorrow On Saturday will be a sprint and Core day and then rest because to day’s on Sunday.

If you know of anything that might help me get better tell me ok.

Saturday workout

Did half my workout because I got sick during it because of my disease with my esophgus. Felt good with the part I ddi do though.


4 30 yard sprints THEN GOT SICK.

Something I noticed I need to get better with over the off-season is Leg Strength and Leg Stability. The reason is When pitching I tend to have problems with posture and Plant leg Stablity which takes Away From MPH I have inside of me. So with determination I hope to get strongger lower half to help me imporve MPH.

It’s Monday today and on sunday I pitched and played in 14 innings of baseball. So I’m tired.

Today I’m going to do

Workout 3
Cardio-------- 20 minute run
And Regeneration

I have practice tuesday.

My last start was good/bad.

I started the second game of the double header after playing the first game at a couple different positions. I had no energy to play the second game but I had to pitch 4 innings. I did good the first 2 innings and then I got tired because of the first game I had to play and strugglled mentally on the mound and couldn’t throw good strikes.

I’m looking forward to 2 weeks from now when I get my next start. I prob will throw a bullpen on thursday and next week so I will pitch in between vs live hitters.

I did bad so I’m going to to mentally and physically pre-pare for my workouts and live bullpen. I realize that not evey start will go the way you want it to go and have to put the last start in the past and get strongger and better for the next day and next start.

It’s wensday And on Tuesday I threw a bullpen and Did some running and stretching. I have taken the day off on Wensday to take a brake that I will need to get ready to throw another bullpen tomorrow on thursday.

Now Thursday I’m going to wake up at my workout time which is 4:30 in the mornning.

My workout will be:


At around 7:40 when I get to school I have gym. We will be doing something called pacers which is running from 1 end of basketball court to the other end as many times as you can. Now I will not run I will use this as my Sprint workout for the day. So i can do alot of Sprints that are as long as the basket ball court which is pretty good.

Now I’m going to miss a start this week and next week maybe. The reason for this week is it’s my off week and i just throw live 100% all out practice and next week I was sopose to pitch BUT IM GOING TO THE YANKEE?REDSOX GAME IN BOSTON so I will miss a start.

Now my coach could do 2 things start me this saturday and let other kids throw next week and then sit me the following week. Or he could rest me and pitch me when I come back for the 1st saturday and then pitch me last game of season or 2 back to back weeks on saturday.
All I know is I’m going to get ready to pitch this weekend just in case I do end up starting.

NOW ABOUT off-season workout program:
It will start either mid october or late october incase I want to take a brake and then get into the swing of working out almost every day. I also might not take a brake and jump right into the program to get an earlly jump and maybe take brake later on.

I’m going to keep training hard.

It’s Sunday night I played all day saturday and hit 2 hr’s in a game. I threw alot and I’m going to take sunday off to rest Because I need it. I wll post when I next work out.

Looks like we’ve got a Rick Ankiel… minus the mental breakdown and possible HGH use 8)


IDK If I should wait to workout or get right into it right now? If I was to wait I would start October 29th which is a monday.

What do you think I should do start tuff cuff now or wait a couple of weeks?

Did you workout that entire month you didnt post?


IDK If I should wait to workout or get right into it right now? If I was to wait I would start October 29th which is a monday.

What do you think I should do start tuff cuff now or wait a couple of weeks?[/quote]
How do you feel?

If you are injured, tired, or sore, then I’d take a two week break to recover completely before starting a new program. Otherwise go ahead and get started.

My Program I have decided will start October 15th due to felling ok about my body and also the warm weather In the North east right now.

Night before the big start of a 4 month workout program split into 2 sections. Hypertrophy and Strength.

I look at add about 10 pounds or more. I weight 140-143 right now. I’m 5"8 1/2 inches and 15 years old.

Looking to become more explosive and throw 78-80 mph so I can surpass all the other pitchers that are my age. I have the determination to do it and I will. I will try to post about every but it might be hard due to school work.

Wish me good luck on my 4 month journey to 78-80 mph.

Are you following the Tuff Cuff schedule and phases for your hypertrophy and strength periods?

Yes I will be Kc i’ve just added a few different exercises for phase 2 and phase 3. Like changing incline press to a push-up on a step, OR squat to a one legged squat. Or a chest press to a push-up/plyo push-up just to make it more functional. Also I changed some of the leg curl and leg ext to lunges w/ med ball twists.

DAY 1 PHASE 2 TUff Cuff

Let’s just say I’m WEAK right now at the moment. It was a leg and sprint day with body weight plyo’s. My legs feel like jelly after the workout. Well I can tell you if im throwing about 70-75 with a body that is as weak as this then 78-80 mph looks pretty good with hard work.

Things That i need to improve on Core and Leg strength and upper body explosive movments. Also Cardiovascular work prob since I haven’t run in about 1 month.

I rate this workout about a 10 in the determination part. I was determined to do it all and didn’t really slack off at all.

WORK HARD EVERY DAY AND THE CLOSER 78-80 MPH will be for me!!!

My next work out is Wensday it’s Shoulders and core and sprints but idk what else. Will post then.

Day off today

EXTREME soreness really bad in my legs from the workout. This is a cause and effect. The working out is the cause and the effect is for my body to go into shock because of a workout that is new.

So for now I will deal with the extreme soreness and try to take a hot shower or something and stretch to help the soreness go away in my legs.

Shoulder and upper Body work today.

I can’t run right now because of the soreness has not gone out of my legs. I plan to do a little more Core then normal so that I keep a balance workout. DO more Core and less running then next leg workout/full body do more running and average amount of core.

Post Shoulder/Upper back and upperbody workout

Feel a little sore in upper body right now but it’s because of getting back into training the shoulders for the 1st time in awhile.

Legs are still a little shaky and the soreness has not gone fully away. If i had to give it a % it would be around 65-70% healed from last lower body workout.

I expect the soreness will reduce as I start to get use to alot of plyometrics and exercises.


It’s light lower body and some forearm exercises so I look to really stretch good tonight and take a long hot shower to loosen the tight/sore les muscles I have.

Friday’s workout was good it was a little bit lower body nothing to hard and some sprints. I’m posting on Saturday I feel good with my legs and not really any soreness my body is getting use to the workouts. My upper Body on the other hand is still a little sore from wensday workout but that’s ok I will be fine with plenty of rest.

I’m doing pretty good on the Tuff Cuff Program I still hoping for the 78-80 Mph I need to surpase all other pitchers on JV.

It’s Sunday I feel pretty strong compared to the ups and downs of soreness this past week. I’m looking forward to the next week of more challenging workout in Tuff Cuff to really get closer to my goal. I have found out that most of the Pitchers or baseball players have not even thought of getting ready for next year or even plan to get ready untill the last second which is a big ++++++++++++ because I’m going to be looking in the rear mirror and laughing at them.

It’s pretty how pitchers want to throw harder but don’t think or try to put in the work that is needed. I guess the more that do that the better it is for me.

It’s more common than you’d think. I’ve coached football for the last few years, and the first week of practice is always hell for some of the kids. You can tell who sat on the couch all summer and who has been working hard getting ready for the season to start.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”