Road to The Show

Hello everyone.

My goal is to get a baseball scholarship to preferably a Division 1 school. I want to be a starter but relief isn’t out of the question. Let me fill you in on my overall stats:

Height: 5’7 (Doctor says I am supposed to be over 6 foot)
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: 14 (freshman)
Left-Handed Pitcher

Over the last few years, I have developed two pitches: the fastball and the curveball. I can throw a 2FB and a 4FB but I generally throw the 2-seam. I can throw the fastball for strikes without much problem, this is my main strength as a pitcher. My curveball consistently breaks but throwing strikes is much more difficult.

My main goal for this year is to develop a change-up. Often times a change-up makes or breaks a pitcher. Also I want to be able to throw strikes more often with my curve.

My long term goals are:

  1. D. 1 School
  2. Be ably to throw high 80’s or low 90’s
  3. Varsity baseball this year or next

That is all I can think of to say now. I will probably post later tonight but the Cardinal game is on and I need to see it. If you have questions, feel free to ask.


Well, the Cardinals lost…

Anyways, since it is late I am going to do a short workout.

These are with resistance bands:

15 Resistance Band Squats
15 Resistance Band Bent Over Rows (15 on each leg)
15 Diagonal Woodchops (15 on each leg)
15 Resistance Band Lunges (15 on each leg)
5 Lateral Rows
15 Biceps Curls with Resistance Band

I will probably do 2 circuits.

Well that is it for tonight.


Welcome aboard!

Those are some good goals, don’t rule out other levels aside from DI, it’s a long process that you’re heading into and limiting yourself to strictly DI can in the end potentially be harmful.

A poster on here recently did a post about Colleges and Pitcher’s specifically in regards to level and velocity and it was pretty interesting and if you read it and understand it’s basically saying there’s a College out there for everyone, you just gotta find it in most case’s.

Here’s the link

It’s on page 2 by laflippin he breaks down roughly the velocities at top to low DI programs.

Also keep in mind that DI baseball varies from the top programs down to the lowest DI program.

In some cases playing NAIA or DII or DIII or even JUCO is a better option then potentially sitting for 2 or more years at a DI school.

If you want to play College Baseball check out these sites as well

The High School Baseball Web, they have a message board that handles questions about the Recruiting process as well as some content like a recruiting timeline that will be very helpful to you over the next 4 years.

The Next Level Ballplayer
has some good info as well for recruiting and some pretty cool content for Baseball in general.

Baseball Think Tank

is pretty good as well for tips. It’s run by a guy who posts on here regularly, you’ll know who that is by his screen name.

Be sure to use all of these resources as well as this wonderful site and you should turn out to be in a good situation 4 years from now.

All the best!

I don’t understand this? Is the Dr. saying that you should have grown to 6 feet but you only grew to 5’7". Or is he saying that by the time you hit 18 you should be over 6 feet? ? Its rather unusual to have a 5 inch plus growth spurt at this age.

Given your current size, in order to hit some of your goals, you need a good strength and conditioning program to add muscle, strength, and power. You need to start power lifting with heavy weight and low reps. You may want to look at Tim Collins as someone to emulate.

Thank you Wales very much. I check out some of those sites and they are great, thank you for suggesting some other ones.

And to Doc Gooding, the doctor said that by the time I am done growing I should be over 6 foot. It is late to grow but anything can happen. Anthony Davis grew over 7 inches in his junior year of high school. I am going to check out Tim Collins right after my workouts tonight. If you have any more suggestions or comments throw them at me

I have not gotten the chance to throw bullpen since I have started this post.

I am going to workout again tonight. I am pretty much going to stick with the same thing as yesterday night but with a few tweaks.

These are with resistance bands:

15 Resistance Band Squats
15 Resistance Band Bent Over Rows (15 on each leg)
15 Diagonal Woodchops (15 on each leg)
5 Lateral Rows (These are impossible so I am going to do it with a lighter weight)
15 Biceps Curls with Resistance Band

And with 2 15-pound dumbbells I am going to do walking lunges. (15 on each leg)

I am going to do that whole circuit twice.


No problem glad I can help.

Sorry guys for not posting yesterday, I had an absurd amount of homework.

Today I threw my first bullpen session since starting this post. Since I am not a power pitcher yet, I believe it is important to develop another pitch. I chose the cut fastball because it is the same arm motion as the fastball. When I was playing catch I started playing with the grip.

Then I threw bullpen. Out of 30 pitches, I threw 10 cut fastballs. The one thing I noticed was that it was hard for me to get on top of the ball. This could be because it is a new grip for me or the adjusted grip that I thought was good isn’t so good. But when I managed to throw it low in the strike zone, it broke 2 or 3 inches. However, at of those 10, I think 2 were strikes. But I like this pitch and I am going to keep working on it.

My normal fastballs were very good today. They had good velocity and they were low in the strike zone. My curve balls were breaking off the table and they were accurate. So all and all this was a good session.

I am going to post later tonight about my workout for the evening. I do know that I am going to go hard on my abs tonight though.


So my workout for tonight is as follows:

For arms & legs:

15 Resistance Band Squats
15 Resistance Band Bent Over Rows (15 on each leg)
15 Diagonal Woodchops (15 on each leg)
5 Lateral Rows (with lighter weight)
15 Biceps Curls with Resistance Band

And the Ab Workout I was talking about:

This looks impossible so it should be fun.

That is it for tonight


All of your pitches need to be the same arm action as your FB.

Scrap the cutter and learn how to throw an effective change, a change can be very effective, especially if you can get it to move.

The same arm action—and the same arm speed.
I can think of few things worse than a pitcher slowing down his arm speed to throw a changeup. By doing that he’s telegraphing the pitch, and in no time the batter will get the hang of it and watch for the pitcher to slow down. When I played, many moons ago, we played against a team that had a starting pitcher with the most beautiful slow curve I had ever seen—trouble was, the guy was telegraphing it. Not only did he slow his arm speed, he also had a way of wiggling his elbow when he was going to throw it. You can be sure that we knocked him out of the box in the third inning, every time!
The key to throwing a successful change is the grip. That, and how you hold the ball in your hand. A classic example would be the palm ball (my first changeup, and a very good one it was): you grip the ball with all four fingers on top and the thumb underneath for support, and hold the ball way back in --the palm of your hand, hence the name—but don’t grip the ball too tightly, because you don’t want to squeeze the juice out of it! And you throw it like the fast ball, just as you would do with any changeup. You could do worse than get yourself a nice palm ball and use it. (This is the pitch often referred to as the “Bugs Bunny changeup”, by the way.)
Keep up the good work!