Road to the Campus


Got my video today:

I noticed that I need to get more push off the mound towards home plate.

Also, I tried the crossfire today. Didn’t really have any success with it until I started throwing my curveball. It broke a lot more then it usually does.



Ur stepping not gliding


Pitched today in the last game of the fall. I pitched last week, but it was subpar mainly because I was leaving balls over the plate.
This week was much better however. I originally wasn’t going to pitch, but because of a crazy comeback (down 15-3, came back to make it 15-12) I was called upon when our pitcher struggled in the ninth. Two runs had already scored to make it 17-12, and runners were on first and third with one out. The guy on first stole second (catcher didn’t throw down, not sure why), but I struck out the first guy on a 3- 2 fastball that dropped a lot on the low inside corner. The next batter had already hit one to the warning track in the game, but after getting quickly ahead on a 0-0 fastball and a 0-1 change, I went to my fastball. He hit a chopper to third and I was able to get out of the inning. We scored 4 in the ninth, but the tying run was doubled off of second on a line-drive. Overall, I felt really good about my pitching today.
I have also been keeping up with my workouts for about 2 months now, and I have made some significant improvements in my legs. I have gained 45 pounds on my squat, and I really feel like I have gained 1-2 mph on my fastball.
My weight now is 155. I am gonna try and squat 200 by the end of the year, and weigh 165 pounds by tryouts in March. I will definitely be on varsity next year, as my school does not keep juniors on jv.


I am gonna start to write my recruiting letters (e-mails) to coaches over winter break. I will be filming a new video, as I have gained 5 pounds since my last video and I have also gained three mph on my turn n’ burn throws (Threw 81 last friday). Any advice on what I should include in these letters?


Hey Remartin…hope things are going well, here is a sample of how to lay out a recruitment letter for a coach:

How to Format Your Resume

[All instructions not intended to be on a final resume draft will be bracketed]
Your Name Graduating Year: 20XX
Dear Coach (coach’s last name),

Introduce yourself here. Tell coaches why you are contacting them, and why you would be a good fit for their program or school. Use this paragraph to highlight either your academic
Online Video Link: Include a link to your online video in-between your athletic and academic paragraphs.
Your second paragraph should highlight the part of your profile you didn’t cover in the first paragraph, whether it be academics or athletics.
Thank the coach for his or her time and let him know you are excited about learning more information about their program.
Sincerely, Your Name

[This is a good area to include your measurable statistics such as height and weight. Other measurables will be more sport specific. The titles below are there to give you some ideas. You may need to add some information depending on which sport you play.]
Height: Weight: Bench Press Max: Squat Max:
Personal Information
City, State, Zip Home Phone: Second Phone: Date of Birth: Parent’s Names:
Future Events/Competitions Event
Wingspan: Position or Event: Broad Jump: 5-10-5 Shuttle:
Scholastic Information
High School Name High School Address Cumulative GPA SAT Score
ACT Score (if necessary) Honors Classes
AP Classes
Desired Major
Year Team
[Now you should include your sport-specific statistics. Statistics vary by sport, so this table is meant as an example]




Games Played

Points per Game

3 point %
Rebounds per Game

Assists per Game

Steals per Game

Blocks per Game

High School Coach Name
Travel or Club Team Coach Name

This example was using basketball as a templet but you can get the idea.
If you include a video keep it short. Coaches get tons of letters, emails ect., and most won’t take the time to watch an 8 minute video. All the extras on video (people using graphics or adding music) mean nothing. A coach isn’t going to think, “Well, this kid has a major hole in his swing, but, dang, I love that Journey song…bring him in.“
This letter gives a lot of room for stats and stuff, I don’t think that is that important. When my son made a few recruiting trips he was asked about his stats (era, whip, K per inning ect.) exactly ZERO times. He was asked about his velo and his throwing program.
The reason coaches don’t get hung up on stats is it is very hard for them to know how accurate they are and the level of competition a guy was playing against. If coaches are interested they will want to talk to your coaches in most cases I would imagine. Coaches generally are looking to see how a player projects at the college level (whatever level at is) not where they are now necessarily.
It is not going to hurt to send a letter to every school you are interested in, but, finding a good academic match cannot be overstated.
A friend of my son was set on going to LSU. Ok, who isn’t? He had the grades, but, again, tons of kids have the grades. He is 5’ 8” with solid speed and movement ability in the field, has a good compact swing ect. He was sort of delusional about going there or another major D1 because he hit .480 or so in high school.
Problem is there are a bunch of OFs who LSU is talking to that have just as good a swing, are 6’ 2”, 240 LBS and run like the wind. I talked to him about considering a switch to second base. Physically he has the speed, lateral movement for second base and is a hitter that would be better slotted there…a contact hitter who can hit for average with marginal power. He is currently redshirting at a JC trying to be an OF.
My point is do an honest assessment of yourself and your skills as they are now and where they will be in a year, your academic desires and target those schools…the more the better.
Good luck.


thank you for the help! I have gotten a couple of replies back. I have only had 1 so far tell me that I am not what they are looking for. A lot of form replies, and then there are about 5-7 colleges saying they hope to see me pitch in the summer. Most of them look like this:


Thanks for the email and for your interest in ___. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to see you play this spring or summer. Good luck with the workouts and with the start of the season.

Are these just a more subtle form letter or are these usually emails written by the actual coach?



Hard to know who wrote the letter.
Doesn’t matter much. The head coach, an assistant ect. They responded that is the first step. It is a process. It can be a grueling process.
I think a key is to take it in stride…both the no thank yous and the we want to see yous.
If things start to get a little more serious…a coach or assistant watches you play and stays in contact, go see the campus if you can. See (as best you can) how the school fits with what you want to do with your academics…I keep saying that because it is very important.
If you’re a Junior you have time. It’s good you’re getting a jump on it.
Good to be proactive.


filmed a new video as I feel like I have improved a lot since my last one. Let me know what you think.


Looking good, man. Really smooth delivery and nice movement on your FB. What are you working on specifically these days in the cage? Keep up the great work.


Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really trying to work on staying on top of my pitches, especially curves/sliders. In the video a lot of the pitches sailed high because my arm slot is dropping for the curves/sliders (atleast I think that is what’s the problem). I’m also working on adjusting my change-up grip for more movement, as it had a lot of movement freshmen year and then started to stay flat.


Hey Ren,
Looking good. Like Mr. Ellis said you’re getting good movement on your FB.
I like the improvement you’ve made in your intent compared with the video from October. Moving quicker down the hill. Glove hand looks good. You get pretty good external rotation from what I can see in these videos. Watching the two videos back to back you have made improvements for sure and it looks like you’ve picked up some velo too. One thing a lot of guys have happening when they have trouble getting break on their curve is wrist position.
Good progress, keep up the work.


How are tryouts/the new season going?


Tryouts are actually next week. This week is our dead week. I haven’t done any baseball related stuff this week, mainly just to take a break.
I also got radared at my bullpen last saturday. The coach said I was between 76-77, which he said was a good speed for this time of year. I did bands before, so I got tired the second half of my bullpen, plus I didn’t feel like all my velocity was there. Hopefully my arm gets stretched as the season goes on, putting me in the 79-80 range.


If you are looking to develop arm strength, one of the things you must incorporate into your training is ‘long toss’. My son is a pitcher and has been doing this for several years after he was coached by a current scout at the younger levels 12-14. He is now in HS Varsity (Sr.) and will go on to play at the next level. Also, size will help as you grow into your body. Because you don’t know if you’ll be a ‘pitcher only’ in HS, try to play another position, at least on a summer team that will let you play both positions.

Here is his regimen:

  1. Start out tossing at you normal distance 20-25 feet and after every three tosses, step back two steps.
  2. Once you throw your maximum distance ( you’ll know this when it one hops),
  3. Come back in to 60’ (about the distance of the mound to home plate).
  4. Then, throw 10 pitches as hard as you can using your pitching mechanics while pretending to being on the mound (my son does a lot of relief work so he goes from the stretch to do this part).
  5. Don’t throw wildly or out of control. Hit the glove. You can, if you like, take a hop and to throw these 10 as well.

He does this three times a week and throws bull pens on those days. If it’s a game day, he does this as well. Get’s him lose and ready.

His off days, well…he still throws but free and easy 90’ and no long toss on the off days during season. He will also, like you, try to find out what day you throw and adjust his toss schedule around his game days.

This is only one and I’m sure there are others. Just something to think about.

Best of luck


Hey guys, I pitched this weekend for varsity and just wanted to let you guys know how it went. My finger is still bothering me, so that sucks. The glue can only help for so long before it becomes useless. I have also found out that it is a callus with broken blood vessels under it. Anyway, I have adjusted my 2 seam grip to go on the outside of the seams instead of on the seams. I am not sure how this affects my movement, although I have a suspicion the ball moves less when I do it. I also think I have realized why my fastball was so devastating freshmen year but then seemed to leave me last years and never came back. I am dropping my arm on my changeup, and in catch today I made sure to keep my arm up and lo and behold my changeup started to move a lot more then it did. Also, my curveball has been really great this season so I am excited to have three above average pitches if I can get my changeup to move right.
Anyway, the game I started was the third game in the tournament we were playing in, so my arm was loose and ready to go, if not a little bit tired. I kept leaving my balls up, especially my change-up, but overall my control was pretty good. The first inning I got two quick pop ups to rf and then a triple to right. I was able to come back an get the next batter to fly out to right. The second inning is where i ran into trouble. I walked two (one on a 3-2 pitch that I thought caught the lower part of the zone, but oh well) and allowed two clean singles, leading two three runs (the game was a while ago so I am not exactly sure of the details). After striking out three people in the second, my third inning was cleaner. I allowed one hit but was able to retire the side with another strike out. The team we played was a decent to good team that was very patient and liked to go opposite way. I am happy with the strikeouts but the 2 walks and hard hits are something I have to minimize.
Here is my line:
3 IP, 4 H, 3 BB, 4 K, 3 ER, .308 OPP BA, 2 WHIP


Is this the same finger you had blistering problems with before?
Have you tried the Nu Skin?


This happened to me one season in college with my finger when I was learning the knuckle curve and I got a terrible blister that lasted most of the season. I just taped it with white athletic tape, but dirtied it up so it wasn’t noticeable to the ump. Didn’t have as good a feel for my pitches, but it kept me in the game. Maybe see a doc about it. A specialist perhaps. Good luck.


Fearsome: Yeah same thing that I had earlier in the year. I tried Nu Skin and superglue, with superglue giving me the best results. As of now I am just putting my fingers on the outside of the seams when I throw my fastball, but since I think this gives me less movement, during the summer I will revert back to a normal grip to give me the added movement.

Steven Ellis: I did go to a doctor recently and brought up a similar thing that was happening on my palm. She sent me to another doctor, who determined it is a callus with broken blood vessels underneath. I have tried shaving it off before to bad results, So I am not quite sure what to do. I might try the tape thanks.


Thats a bummer.
Hang in there. The tape might be the way to go.


Hows the finger doing?
And your season for that matter?