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I recently have started this workout program for weighted balls ( and i am hoping it increases my veocity to about 80 mph. I started a little late, and as it stacks up now, i am 3 weeks into the 11 week program with 6 weeks until our first game. I am hoping to make varsity this year, and because of the depth on varsity I am going to really need to pick up my velocity to get noticed. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what weeks i should cut out or If I should just continue the workout on into the season? Also, not sure if I have mentioned this before, but throughout the last couple of years, my left middle finger has become enflamed on the tip, and everytime I throw a fastball (I mostly throw 2 seams) it rubs the finger and hurts. I was wondering if anybody has a solution to stop this blister (?) as the enflament has started early this year.
P.s. I have been working out, albeit inconsistently, and am now up to 145 pounds, and am hoping to get to the 150 mark before our tryouts on March 1st. I have not gotten gunned yet so I don’t know whether I have increased my velocity (was at 73-74 at beginning of log).




First good luck with Varsity.
Ask Kyle directly about his program you are doing he is usually very responsive.
Eat more and you have to work out consistantly. Killing yourself and being really sore then not working out for a week and half doesnt do much.
As for the blister problem, there is this stuff called Nu Skin. Construction workers use it a lot. It is clear and you can put it over the effected area. It could change the feel a bit so I would try it out in a pin first.


Thanks for the advice. I threw a little inside, and at this point I am pretty sure the enflament was mostly because of the cold. But later in the season, If it comes up again I will try your suggestion. Also, I got a reply back from Driveline, and he told me to just cut the program short, so hopefully I still gain some signifigent velocity from this program.


I know people have had good results with his program. My son did the weighted ball routine and didnt have great results, but, that was my sons fault. He didnt do all the workouts (playing other sports) but most importantly he didnt throw with enough intensity while doing them. You gotta cut loose.
Really important to make sure your arm is in shape before started the weighted ball stuff. So, if you dont do it in season then after the season give yourself several weeks of longtossing 4 times a week before you pick them up again.
Ideally, being able to follow the program exactly is the way to go…I know, stating the obvious.
Are you doing any lifting?


I am doing some light lifting such as bicep curls and skull crushers. I’m really trying to work on abs and legs, though I need to go to the gym/find a workout buddy to help me work on my legs. I am playing Recreational Basketball as of now, so between that and baseball workouts I only have 1 or 2 days a week I could go to the gym. I threw the weighted balls again today, but this time indoor. My elbow has been hurting and the swelling of it is noticeable when I straighten my arms. I was wondering if this was a side product of the weighted balls? After about 30 minutes of rest my elbow was fine again, but it is still worrisome to me. My finger inflament also returned, so I will try the nu-skin stuff. I’m not sure it is really a blister though, as I did a poor job of explaining last time. It almost looks like the seams of the ball have gotten inside my finger. The trainer at my school last year gave me a cheese grater type device to shave off the “seams”, but when I pitched the next week the pain was worse. If you guys have no idea what I am talking about, I could post a picture


Sent you a PM.


Hey guys, long time no see. I have a couple questions. does doing leg work during the season (such as leg press, leg curls, calf, etc…) affect performance? If I am on JV, practice is at my high school and since the locker rooms don’t open up until about 20 minutes after school starts, I was thinking of doing some leg work.
Also, does anyone know of a way to keep my arm in shape during the season. The past 2 seasons I experienced dead arm (last season was because of a 120 pitch game in the fall) during fall ball and was wondering if maybe bands would help keep my arm throwing full speed?


How did tryouts go?


Well, tryouts did not go as well as I would have liked. I thought i hit very well, by my fielding was subpar and we didn’t do much pitching. to simulate pitching we were told to go through our motion and throw the ball at about 65% off flat ground. I thought it went well as I hit my partner near the chest 8/10 times. But the varsity coach picked two freshmen to play on varsity, so I will play on Jv this year and hopefully get called up after the jv season ends.
I forgot to tell you guys, I also changed up my motion after I got some advice from a pitching lesson by matt whiteside. he told me to speed up my front leg, as it gave me more velocity. he also told me to keep my front foot even with my back foot when I am in the stretch (if you look at the previous videos, my front leg was closer to first then my back leg.).


Seems like a strange way to gauge pitching. It’s like having someone jog on a treadmill to pick sprinters.
So it goes. The benefit to you is getting innings. If JV means more innings that’s a good thing. Just keeping hard during the season and don’t let things you cannot control discourage you.


*keep working hard during the season is what I meant to say.


Thanks for the support Fearsomefour. Here’s is the video of my new motion. It is a little inconsistent but if I can keep from pulling off towards my glove side then I have very little location problems. Also, if it stays dry throughout the week, we are supposed to be doing an intersquad scrimmage next saturday, so hopefully I can pitch. We are a weak hitting team but hopefully it will still be fun. Anyway, here is my video:


It takes some time for mechanical adjustments to feel comfortable.
The tweek the coach made was to get you to stop throwing across your body so much? I think that is what you meant by your front foot being closer to first than your back.
Has the change helped with control?


Well my high school coach initially told me to speed up my front leg because it added some velocity, and also gave me better control because I wasn’t thinking of my mechanics so much.
The pitching lessons from my summer league team taught me that my front leg(the leg I lift) should not be closer to first base then my back leg (similar to jason motte). I wasn’t really given a reason why, but I assume it was to stop me from pulling off with my glove side.


For your blister problem you can use Superglue, you might be able to find a 5-10 pack for a buck.

If you can you need to get some other pitching lessons because you have not lower body power in your pitch. This can lead to injury when you throw hard because it will be all arm. Find a pitching coach and look at his pitchers and see if they use lower body. Upper body strength can get you to HS varsity, but lower body will get you into college.

Your curve balls will hang because you throw low 3/4 to side arm. Your going to have to get a more over the top arm slot for the curve. Or you can work 2 seam and slider which will break in opposite directions.


Thanks Plaz. I think I have the blister problem under control for now, but if it doesn’t improve I’ll try superglue. Also, thanks for the advice on lower legs. I will look at some pitchers and try and use my lower body like they do theirs (I can’t get pitching lessons until the end of the season, so this is the best I can do for now). Also, I have experimented with the conventional slider grip but I just cannot really control it because of the way you have to snap your wrist. the Two seam fastball has been my primary pitch the last couple of years, but i won’t throw it as much this year because of the blister on my finger. I will still throw it about 90% of my fastballs, and use four seam for the other fastballs.
Tommorow is our jv teams first practice since school let out for spring break, and some of us pitchers will be throwing about 60 pitches to live hitters. I am really excited and hope that I do well. I’ll update you guys tommorrow.


I also have a blister problem. Right on the end of my throwing hand, middle finger. Super glue works the best. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right amount of glue to put on. I get it with 4 seam. Good Luck!


Well I went out and pitched about 40 pitches today. The first twenty I threw about 75% speed because I thought we were throwing bp. As it turns out, we were suppose to throw game speed. After my first 20 pitches, another pitcher rotated in to throw 20 pitches. So during my break my coach told me to throw the ball hard, so the next 20 pitches I threw game speed. We were only allowed to throw fastballs and change-ups. My velocity wasn’t there as my arm wasn’t really warm, but overall I think I did pretty well. I had pretty good control, and had only a couple of hard hits off me.


Just learned I have my first game next wednesday, an since I will probably pitch at one point I will update you guys about it after. I am excited, yet nervous at the same time since my velocity hasn’t been there in practice. I feel like my arm isn’t as loose as it usually is when I pitch, but last time I truley went out and pitched to batters was 3 days after the last time I had thrown because of spring break, so I am hoping the velocity will come. A freshmen told me he was gunned at 77 last year, and I felt like my velocity was about the same, so that is a positive.