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Hey Guys. I am 16, live in St. Louis, and am on the Easton Tigers. I am 5’11’’ and 135 pounds. I know that I need to put some meat on my bones, and hopefully band work and weight training will do the job.
I throw my fastball (2 seam) about 71-74 miles per hour. While I know this isn’t too fast, at the JV level (last year was my freshmen year) it did the job. I hope to increase this through mostly band work, which I have started doing once a day for about 10 minutes.
My main arsenal is a 2 seamer, change up that has a ton of downward movement, and a knucklecurve that bends at about a 11-5 angle. I do have a slight problem with both my curve and change up, as my curve sometimes just stays flat in the zone, or rides so much inward that it ends up hitting the batter (I throw from a 3/4 arm-slot so this may be a consequence). I used to throw my change-up just like I threw my fastball, but I recently started throwing it like an actual changeup and am hoping to improve on if this winter.
For my future, I am hoping to play varsity this year and go to college at a school such as Mizzou, Rice, or San Diego. I hope to develop more bite on my curve and much more speed differential to my changeup. I also hope to get much stronger.

Welcome! You’ll find a lot of great resources in these forums with many articles as well as the wisdom that comes from the many experienced members. You’ll get feedback if you ask for it, and remember that everyone here is trying to be helpful.

Quick tip: Your flattened out curve may be due to a dropping of the arm slot. I used to do this all the time. Post some videos on here, and it will be easier for people to help you.

Also, are you a lefty or righty?

Happy posting, enjoy the boards, and good luck on your journey to reaching your goals!

Welcome to the boards, you’ll find this place to be a great resource, when you have time search through the older posts as well.

There’s tons of resources throughout this site.

Thanks for the replies guys. I am a lefty pitcher. I also noticed that when i shorten my stride, my curveball has a lot more movement, especially downwards.

went to the baseball workouts that my high school coaches do after school. Today was our fitness day, so we did the ladder, bands, core (with medicine balls), pull ups, more crunches, and some push ups (about 45). After reading through this website, I learned (or thought i learned) that carb loading was the only way to gain weight after you workout. So when i got home I had a banana, raison muffin, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and a big glass of lemonade. I hope that through excersizing 3-4 times a week, by the time winter break rolls along im in the 140’s.
p.s. as of right now, i am 135.6, probably 134.5-135 in the morning
p.p.s. Also, what is the throwing ten?

Throwers Ten is a group of exercises for strengthing the shoulder.

Check out the ASMI website for it or a simple Google search or even a search on here to get answers.

thanks Wales Diesel, Ill look into it. As for tonight, I didnt have access to weights so I did a quick workout. 100 pushups (30 of which were diamond pushups), 200 crunches (2 different kinds, side to side and straight up and down), and some band work. I was wondering if wall sits or some other type of leg excercise would be helpful during these days I am without a gym. Would maybe 5 sets of 30 seconds of wall sits be enough?

I found wall sits to be a useful exercise when I was playing I never did sets and reps of them I simply maxed out my time every time I performed them.

Check out Eric Cressey and his site for some ideas as well.

Here’s my video. The last out of focus curveball is an example of when the ball just kinda stays up there and never drops.

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Hey guys, long time no see. Thanks to me luckily having a band and 5 pound weights in my house already, i have been able to do the Throwers Ten workout for 2 nights in a row (Sunday, Monday). Three sets of 20 for most (except some of the weight ones) of the excersizes seems to do the trick for me. I also did crazy lunges for 10 sets of 20. ( These are killer and make your legs pretty sore the next day. Tonight I took a rest on the bands (How many days out of the week should I be doing bands?) and did some different kinds of pushups (including the kind with weights (, which after 10 with each hand nearly made me collapse) and a lot of situps. All this on top of my high school’s baseball fitness after school. So all in all, so far this week has been a success for me. I am now up to 137.5 pounds so my goal for 140 by winter break is looking good. Also, does anyone have any comments/criticism on the video I posted? Really want to hear any technical flaws you guys see

Oops, sorry for the double post

Hey guys, just wanted to post some short-term goals to help me complete my long ones. I am hoping to do these all by the stat of january:
Weigh 140 pounds or more
Workout out atleast 5 times a week
Throw atleast 2x a week
gain 2-3 mph on my fastball
Strengthen legs
use the school weight room atleast once a week

You definitely seem to be on the right track! Keep working hard, and you’ll be happily surprised with the results!

Hey guys, went out and filmed a video today. This one was primarily made to show the movement on my pitches. As you can see, my last changeup was by far the best with the most movement and speed differential. On the pitch I extended my stride about 6 inches and I have noticed that it makes a big difference on the movement of my pitches. Now that I have seen it on tape and see that it is not as obvious as it feels, I may pull this out of the bag a couple times during a game to help me get big outs. Also, my fastball was not at its fastest today (Partly because I did heavy bands yesterday), and until the last curveball I threw my curveball wasnt breaking as much as I would like. Anyway, here is my video

Looking good! Let me give you a piece of advice that JD gave me (and my son) 4 years ago…throw the darn ball! Pitch with INTENT.

Keep up the great work.

When I have more time I’ll take a look at the video

“Getting there”, you got it right on the button! Whatever stage of the game you may have reached, the important thing is to pitch with intent—first and foremost, to throw the c.r.a.p. out of the ball! Then start thinking about what pitches, location, what have you. It’ll all pay off in the long run. :baseballpitcher:

Thanks for the comments guys. When you guys says throw it, do you mean speed up my front leg? Because I have more velocity when I raise my leg high, and ithelps my control

I am not referring to your mechanics. I mean get a little edge and throw the ball through the catcher.

sorry for the long wait guys. I took thanksgiving break off, and then i resumed the bands. My summer teams winter workouts have started, and I am getting some good pitching insight. They have told me that my glove hand is pulling me off, leading some of my pitches to go inside on righties (hitting righties with my changeup was a problem during the season. I was also told that when I am tired, my arm drags and cause the ball to sail upwards.