Road to success

Hello all, I’m a freshly minted 17 yo, junior, RHP out of Oklahoma. Recently I’ve experienced the hardest year of my life thus far. I became severely depressed to the point of not wanting to be seen by my own family, due to a horrible and unexpected breakout of acne. This breakout resulted on me beginning the drug Accutane, and losing any confidence or self-esteem I had previously possessed. Through all of this my love for baseball never faded. Baseball was the one bright spot in a rather dark life. Fast forward from summer 2012 to winter 2013. I finally finished Accutane and regained my face. Things were starting to look better, baseball was coming together and my life was starting to become somewhat enjoyable again. My pitching command has always been a struggle. Ive never had trouble throwing hard but I’ve never been able to find my command. My coach pledged to work with me throughout the winter when all of the other pitchers were shutting down, just so I could work on mechanics and command. Unfortunately though I pushed myself to hard and ended up with a very strange injury. After pitching through the pain I was feeling in my shoulder, I began to notice my velocity drop significantly. I decided to shut it down and figure out was wrong. Fast forward to today, after two months of physical therapy, I finally worked out the kink in my arm. Turns out I had somehow experienced some sort of minor tear to my supraspinatus and when it healed, there was edema left over which was causing pain in my shoulder and decreased motion. My arm is finally back but as a result I’ve sat out my junior season of baseball. Unfortunately I’ve lost alot of valuable time sitting around this year and I would like to make it up.

Current stats:

  • 5’11 195
  • i would say about 15-18% bf
  • Velocity (from my first bullpen back today)- 80-82 top out at 84. Same as last summer…
  • Grade 3.3 gpa (would be higher if I decided to not take AP courses)

My goals for this summer:
-Add 5 or more mph to my fastball
-Work on my mechanics

  • Gain lean muscle mass and cut BF
  • Finally and most importantly, prove to myself that I can do it

I was inspired to pursue this goal after reading LankyLefty, Seanbaseball14 and countless others stories of success. You guys are awesome and I wish you all continued success in baseball and life.

I will be pursuing this goal with the help of TuffCuff, the weighted baseball program outlined in TuffCuff and help from a local pitching coach. I’m really sorry for the long post and sloppy grammar. I hope to get to know some of you better along this journey.

Here is a video of me throwing before my injury. My mechanics have not changed a bit and I do not have any recent video of me throwing, as I have only thrown 1 bullpen. I also forgot to add that I turned 17 last month.

Best of luck with getting everything sorted.

I didn’t really study your two-pitch video that long, but a couple of things I see that you may want to consider are:
-getting your lower half more involved in energy generation
-increasing torso flexion into ball release

A stronger effort with the lower half will probably increase your stride by about 6" to start with. This can’t hurt because it looks like your stride is a bit short. You want your stride to be anywhere from 85% to 100% of your height. Not everyone can get out there to 95-100%, so don’t make that your goal. Figure out your exact current stride length and figure out a realistic goal and keep working on changes to your push off until you get there. Currently your upper body is completely forward of your lower half and you release very high. The increased stride length will get you some improved upper body positioning over your front knee. The better positioning will set you up to work on forward trunk flexion and get your some additional real mph to go with the increase in perceived mph from you being closer to home plate at release through the increased stride length. Remember, increases in stride length do not come from reaching with the front leg, they come from generating distance with the back leg. Reaching with the front often leads to pre-mature front hip opening which is a power drain.

Thank you for your response. I will look into using my lower half more during my next bullpen. On another note, I have decided to scrap TuffCuffs weighted ball program in favor of driveline baseballs more detailed program. I’ve been reading through the material on the Ebook and I really like it. I will begin the weighted ball program today. Diet wise I had several low GI choices for breakfast. I will hit the gym up later tonight and will update you again then.

Things went well yesterday. My arm I sore from the weighted baseball program. I did some band work at the gym along with the TuffCuff workouts. I will try to get video up of my next bullpen ASAP. Until then Ill continue along with the weighted ball program and the Tuffcuff workouts.